Top Android apps and games of the week #36

This week has been a delight for Android fans all thanks to IFA in Berlin. Samsung treated us with not one but two successors to its highly-popular Galaxy Note series (Note 4 vs Note Edge vs Note 3), while Sony took the covers off its next-gen flagship, the Z3 and its little sibling along with a compact tablet. Other manufacturers weren’t too behind as HTC became the first manufacturer to unveil a 64-bit octa-core smartphone and Lenovo showcased a drool-worthy layered phone. Things back in India also became interesting as Motorola gave a second-gen refresh to the Moto G (first impressions) and Moto X (first impressions) as well as its luscious smartwatch, the 360 (first impressions).

Well, that was a quick peek at happenings on the hardware side, but the world of Android apps also saw some action with Rovio’s female-focussed Angry Birds Stella finally available for download, two new email clients alongside some interesting apps. Here’s a look at our top picks for Android apps and games released or updated this week.

AccompliAccompli (Free)

Accompli aims to be your smart email client. So, just like the Gmail’s Priority Inbox, it shows the emails which might be more important to you based on your past history in Focused Inbox, while all the other mails are sent to other sections. It also lets you schedule emails so that they can resurface at a specified point of day and / or time. The app directly integrates with the calendar for appointments, with cloud services to attach files and also gives you the option to share your location easily.

Accompli 1 Accompli 2 Accompli 3

BlinklistBlinklist (Free)

Not everybody has the time to go through reams of pages for reading books, and for such people, ‘there’s an app for that’. Blinklist manually curates the key learning, called as ‘blink’ of each book and lays them out in a nice manner. So, for example, the popular book Freakonomics can be read in 17 minutes flat, thanks to this app.

Blinklist 1 Blinklist 2 Blinklist 3

While the app itself is free, the service isn’t. You have to pay for monthly, quarterly or annual subscription for reading books on Blinklist.

BoxerBoxer (Free)

Boxer is primarily an email client, but also goes beyond that by being your to-do list manager too. So not only can you check your emails, reply to them, archive or delete them, or add labels to them… just like a regular email app, but also you can add the emails to your to-do list – all with a simple swipe. There are some other neat features too such as the ability to save emails as notes on Evernote, or the ability to attach files from cloud services like Box and Dropbox.

Boxer 1 Boxer 2 Boxer 3

While the app is free, its premium subscription allows you to add multiple email accounts, customise quick-response messages and more.

EvernoteEvernote {Update} (Free)

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps and with the update to version 6.0, the app has been overhauled with a new look and offers several new features as well. Now, you can create a new note by a simple click on the plus icon, which is placed towards the bottom of the screen, and it also allows you to select the format of new notes. The app also brings web clipper functionality from desktop, making it easier to clip the web page you’re reading on your mobile to the app. There are also other changes such as improved search, ability to share notes or notebooks with others, etc.

Evernote @ Evernote 1 Evernote 3

redditreddit AMA (Free)

reddit is a popular community where users can discuss on various topics, but it’s also popular because of another novel concept initiated by it – AMA. AMA or Ask Me Anything, as the name indicates, is a discussion forum where celebs take questions from users and then answer them. The importance of AMA’s can be gauged from the fact that people like American president Barack Obama and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates have participated in it. Now, the app brings this power in your mobile devices as well, allowing you to ask questions as well as go through all the AMA’s so far.

reddit AMA 1 reddit AMA 2 reddit AMA 3


Angry Birds StellaAngry Birds Stella (Free)

Angry Birds shot to popularity for its simple slingshot-based gameplay and its developers have been trying to add more fun to it with different storylines and more. This time, you get the game with all-female cast including both the birds and pigs. The premise of the game is the same, and the birds have to save their island from the pigs. However, some new tactics have been thrown into the mix.

That brings us to the end of this week’s edition. Be sure to check next week for more apps and games that are worthy of your attention.

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