Top Android apps and games of the Week #36

Amidst all the big-bang launches at IFA ranging from Sony’s Z5 trio to the world’s first smartphone with a deca-core processor (Acer Predator 6), you might have missed that popular messaging service WhatsApp has crossed an important milestone. This week, it hit 900 million monthly active users, which shows its massive reach. It also proves that apps and services have the potential to change the lives of the masses. That’s why we take a look at the top apps and games that are launched or updated, every week. So let’s begin.

DO ButtonDO Button {Update} (Free)

DO Button, from IFTTT, is one of the easiest ways to automate things on your Android devices and now the same functionality is available for your Android Wear watch with the latest update. Now, you can use the app to automate things from your smartwatch itself. Along with that, the app has also added more services to its repertoire such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Wolfram, etc.

DO Button 1 DO Button 2 DO Button 3

Google Street ViewGoogle Street View (Free)

Street View, as the name suggests, lets you explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders and even peek inside places like museums, restaurants, etc. Earlier, this feature was a part of Google Maps, but now it’s available as a standalone app. The new app also lets you add your own photo spheres, either with your phone’s camera or 360-degree cameras such as Ricoh Theta. You can also browse Google’s most popular special collections as well as photo spheres shared by others. You can also review the content shared by you publicly or privately.

Google Street View 1 Google Street View 2 Google Street View 3

LINE LauncherLINE Launcher (Free)

The popular LINE Messenger has now introduced a custom launcher for Android devices that’s based on its popular characters like Brown, James and Sally. The app offers over 3,000 free options to deck up the default Android theme with wallpapers, icon packs and more. There are also useful options like a battery monitor, memory cleaner and a search bar that can not only search the web, but the local storage as well for apps or contacts.

LINE Launcher 1 LINE Launcher 2 LINE Launcher 3

Scout LauncherScout Launcher {Update} (Free)

This week, we have not one but two launchers for you to change the interface of your Android smartphone or tablet. Earlier called Bento Launcher, Scout Launcher is now available on the Play Store as an open beta and connects with various services to bring you relevant content on your homescreen itself. The app learns what you like by connecting to various services like SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Play Music, etc. and display them on the homescreen. It also brings prioritised notifications on the main screen, while all the apps installed on the device are intelligently sorted in Smart Spaces.

Scout Launcher 1 Scout Launcher 2 Scout Launcher 3

SkypeSkype {Update} (Free)

Microsoft-owned Skype has just been updated to v6.0 with a new redesign that matches Google’s Material Design. The app has completely followed the new design language, including a floating action button towards the bottom that allows the user to quickly start a conversation. The upgrade also brings enhanced search capabilities to the app, letting you find contacts and conversations in a breeze.

Skype 1 Skype 2 Skype 3


Door KickersDoor Kickers (Rs 301.86)

Door Kickers is a top-down shooter game with real-time aspect and involves tactics to control the squad and win the mission. Even with its 2D graphics, the game looks really intriguing. The game has over 80 missions and six campaigns to keep you hooked. You can also use more than 65 weapons and gear items to overcome the enemy. The best part is that the title has freeform gameplay, which means you can choose to play any level directly.


UNKILLED comes from the developers behind popular titles such as Dead Trigger and Shadowgun and is built on the similar premise – a first-person zombie shooter with impressive graphics. You play as Joe, member of the anti-zombie unit called WOLFPACK and your job is to ensure that you can find, track and eliminate the zombie menace before it spreads. It has over 300 missions, and there are challenging boss fights as well. The title also has over 50 weapons.

With that, we end this week’s edition. We will be back with another curated selection of apps and games for your Android devices next week.

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