Top Android apps and games of the week #35

With the slew of apps and games landing on Play Store every week, how do you find out which one’s worth your attention? Well, that’s why we come up with top recommendations week after week to help you discover the hidden gems, which otherwise would have skipped your knowledge. This week, we have some interesting stuff ranging from a launcher to utility apps along with some very interesting games.

App SwapApp Swap (Free)

App Swap is an app launcher that can work with the existing launcher on your Android  device and offers you quick access to the app or game you’re looking for. It lists the frequently-accessed or recently-used ones first and also offers a search bar. The best part is that you can access the launcher from any screen or app by swiping up from the navigation panel. You can also access the apps based on the colour of their icons.

App Swap 1 App Swap 2 App Swap 3

The premium version of the launcher offers some more functionality such as the ability to use custom icon packs or the option to hide apps.

BitTorrent SyncBitTorrent Sync {Update} (Free)

Many of us swear by the usefulness offered by various cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive for syncing files between multiple devices or sharing them with others. However there are a few who don’t want to save their content on third-party servers. For those, BitTorrent Sync is a great option as it uses peer-to-peer sharing technology to transfer files – meaning you don’t need to store anything anywhere as it resides on your devices only. With the latest update, the app has revamped its interface along with making its options easier. Now you can easily share folders with others via link, email or QR code.

BitTorrent Sync 1 BitTorrent Sync 2 BitTorrent Sync 3

Calc Calc+ (Free)

If you’re on the lookout for an advanced calculator, then look no further than Calc+. The app offers an aesthetically-pleasing user interface for performing calculations and even allow you to simply touch on any number or operation to edit it. You can also use the result of the previous calculation for the current one and even if you change the operator in the original, the second calculation is automatically updated accordingly. You can also save calculations as notes and above all, change the themes and fonts of the app.

Calc  1 Calc  2 Calc  3

Google News & WeatherGoogle News & Weather {Update} (Free)

It’s one of the very few widgets that’s available by default on our Android device(s), and presents us with news as well as weather information. Now, Google has updated both the app and widget with a complete visual overhaul along with addition of a number of features. The widget is available in a multitude of sizes for placing on the home screen. The app also offers improved navigation for jumping to a specific news section easily thanks to a hamburger sidebar.

Google News & Weather 1 Google News & Weather 2 Google News & Weather 3


The new app comes from the company behind one of the most popular camera apps on Android, Camera 360. MIX is targeted at those users who aren’t satisfied with the limited filters available on apps like Instagram and comes with 100+ filters and numerous effects. You can also customise these filters and effects to save them as formulas to be used later. The app also offers a depth-of-field effect with a blur tool. Additionally, you can select from 40 textures to be applied on the photos.


SpinMe Alarm ClockSpinMe Alarm Clock (Free)

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been guilty of snoozing the alarm on your phone and then going off to sleep again. Well, this alarm app has come up with a brilliant solution, since it won’t shut up until you stand up and spin twice. Yes, you read that right. Plus, the app has been designed in such a way that you can’t cheat, so waking up is your only option.

SpinMe Alarm Clock 1 SpinMe Alarm Clock 2 SpinMe Alarm Clock 3


ALONEAlone… (Rs 150.06)

Move over endless running games, here comes an endless flying game, that too in outer space! The backstory is that you’ve been thrown out of your spaceship and now you’re in your survival pod. You have to ensure your survival by navigating through caves and rocky debris, as well as save yourself from rocks and comets on the way. The game is so fast that if you divert your attention for even a split-second, then you’re gone.

Back to BedBack to Bed (Rs 242.86)

Back to Bed is an amazingly visual 3D puzzle game with an interesting storyline. The game revolves around Bob, who sleepwalks, and your task is to guide him to bed again by taking control of his subconscious guardian named Subob. It’s set in the surreal world with isometric puzzle levels wherein you have to ensure that Bob is walking on the right path. You can also play a more challenging version of the game by unlocking nightmare mode.

Five nights at Freddy'sFive Nights at Freddy’s (Rs 180.79)

The third game in our weekly selection of apps and games for Android also involves nighttime. And, we must warn you that it’s not meant for the faint-hearted. The premise of the game is that you have been hired as a night watchman at Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza joint, where the main attractions are Freddy Fazbear and his two friends who are animatronic robots. However, during night, their behaviour is unpredictable. Your job is to see their movements from monitors connected to security cameras and make sure that they’re not going anywhere where they shouldn’t. Adding another twist to the game, there’s very limited power supply at hand so you need to switch between different cameras judiciously.

Talking about games, do check out the update to Swing Copters, which is now slightly less difficult thanks to improved controls.

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