Top Android apps and games of the Week #34

After the sweet taste of Lollipop, Google is all set to give users another treat in the form of Marshmallow, the name of the next version of its mobile operating system. Android 6.0 will bring a ton of useful features and will be publicly introduced this fall. While we can’t wait to try out the next update to Android, here are a few apps and games that we suggest you check out, as they’ve just entered the Play Store or have received a major update. This week, we have an interesting mix of titles ranging from astrology to communication services to a payment wallet. A word of warning though – there are no games in this week’s roundup.

AstrospeakAstrospeak (Free)

Astrospeak is a popular website from the Times group, allowing users to view their horoscope and and get other astrological information, and now the same functionality has been brought to the mobile app. Users can choose to get daily, weekly or monthly horoscope notifications. They can also get astrological advice about their career, getting answers to personal or financial questions from experts. If you believe in numerology or tarot cards, the app has those as well. There are also several paid services available to users.

Astrospeak 1 Astrospeak 2

BingBing {Update} (Free)

Among the many features that the upcoming iteration of Android will bring, Google Now on tap seems to be a game-changing idea. However, its arch-rival Bing seems to have beaten it to punch with a similar implementation in the latest update to its app. Dubbed as Bing Snapshots, you can bring up useful answers just by long-pressing the home button from any app. Not just that, Microsoft’s search engine also connects with several apps and services, offering you context-based results and the ability to take an action then and there. For instance, if you and your friend are planning to go for a movie, this feature would let you read its reviews or book tickets online.

Bing 1 Bing 2 Bing 3

Google PhotosGoogle Photos {Update} (Free)

Google Photos has won critical acclaim for making it easier for users to organise their images and videos, along with offering powerful features such as search and automatic creation of collages, photobooks, etc. With the latest update, it has added some interesting functionality like the ability to reorder content in albums, trim videos, and a new timeline interface for editing movies. Users will also be able to login to their Google Photos account as a Plus page.

Google Photos 1 Google Photos 2 Google Photos 3

HangoutsHangouts {Update} (Free)

Even though it’s been a while since Google unveiled its latest design ethos dubbed Material Design, the irony is that not all the company’s in-house apps follow this design language yet. It’s instant messaging service Hangouts has finally received this new interface with the latest update to v4.0. The navigation of the app has also been improved with a new contact and people list, and it has also made it easier for anyone to start a conversation or group chat with a big compose button. Users can also set their status on the app.

Hangouts 1 Hangouts 2 Hangouts 3

Along with updating the mobile app, Google has also launched a dedicated website to access Hangouts from your computer –


One of the most popular messaging services, LINE has launched a new app called Here, which as the name suggests, give users the option to share their location with others. You can share the location with individual people and with groups as well. The app also gives you control for the duration your location is shared, which ranges from an hour to a whole day.

LINE Here 1 LINE Here 2 LINE Here 3

MakeMyTrip IRCTC Train BookingMakeMyTrip IRCTC Train Booking (Free)

MakeMyTrip, one of the country’s largest travel-booking platforms has introduced an app for booking train tickets. The app offers a simple interface, with the ability to search for trains, check seat availability, book general or Tatkal tickets and check the PNR status. Apart from English and Hindi, it also supports various regional languages like Gujarati and Telugu. Since the app works in conjunction with IRCTC, you’ll need need to link your IRCTC account with it to perform any action.

MakeMyTrip IRCTC Train Booking 1 MakeMyTrip IRCTC Train Booking 2 MakeMyTrip IRCTC Train Booking 3

State Bank BuddyState Bank Buddy (Free)

With new-age services gaining payment bank licenses, conventional banks are also modernising themselves. State Bank of India has recently introduced its own digital wallet dubbed State Bank Buddy, and like most wallets, it allows the user to send or receive money, pay for recharges or bills and transact online. The app supports 13 Indian languages.

State Bank Buddy 1 State Bank Buddy 2 State Bank Buddy 3

SwarmSwarm {Update} (Free)

Almost a year after Foursquare split itself into two different apps, with Swarm being the one that people can use to check-in to various places, the company has brought back the competitive feeling in version 3.0 of the app with leaderboards. This will allow you to see your check-ins ranked against others and each check-in will award you some coins, with bonus coins for streaks, mayorships, etc.

Swarm 1 Swarm 2 Swarm 3

Also check out the latest update to the Yahoo Weather app, which can now offer near-term weather alerts, which means you can be alerted 15 minutes before heavy rainfall and prepare yourself accordingly.

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