Top Android apps and games of the week #33

The saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ also stands true for the nascent-yet-booming category of mobile apps. This week, we feature some really cool apps that offer incredibly useful features, as well as updates to popular titles.

BoxBox {Update} (Free)

The popular cloud service app has received a major update this week, offering its Box Notes feature to mobile users as well. This will allow users to view and edit the documents on the go. You can also create notes with basic formatting, bullet points and checklists. With this update, you can even set an expiration date for shared links to prevent them from being downloaded afterwards.

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3

DropboxDropbox {Update} (Free)

Box isn’t the only cloud app receiving an update, its arch-rival Dropbox has also hit version 2.4.3 promising many new features. The latest update offers in-app previews for MS Word and PowerPoint files, as well as PDFs. The app also has an improved search experience and tracks recent queries while displaying typeahead suggestions. If you’re an early adopter of the upcoming Android L release, the app has also fixed the issue of frequent crashes.

Dropbox 1 Dropbox 2

Oxigen WalletOxigen Wallet {Update} (Free)

Oxigen Wallet is one of those apps that makes payment easier from your mobile device allowing you not just to make recharges and bill payments, but send money instantly to your friends without even having their bank account details. But now, it makes transferring money even easier, as it now allows for transfers via various social networks.

Oxigen Wallet 1 Oxigen Wallet 2 Oxigen Wallet 3

Pocket LockPocket Lock (Free)

Do you find it difficult to reach for the power button every time you want to turn on /  off the display of your mobile device? Well, this app makes the chore automatic by making use of your phone’s proximity sensor and accelerometer. There are quite a few other apps for this purpose, but they only use the proximity sensor and lock the phone when it’s in a pocket. Pocket Lock can lock or unlock the display when your smartphone is in your hands as well.

Pocket Lock 1 Pocket Lock 2 Pocket Lock 3

TapPathTappath (Rs 59.99)

TapPath app is an interesting take on the simplistic tap action for links, letting you define what should happen after a tap. For instance, you could program it so that a single tap opens the link in the browser, a double tap opens an app like Pocket (for saving) or Twitter (for sharing), and a triple tap brings up Android’s standard share menu or anything else you want to configure.

TapPath 1 TapPath 3

The app comes from the talented developer behind the popular action launcher and extremely useful LinkBubble app.

TrulyMadlyTrulyMadly (Free)

TrulyMadly is a modern take on matchmaking, and now the service available on handheld devices as well. What makes the service unique is its strict privacy guidelines and advance algorithms to match similar profiles based on interests and psychological tests. It shows a trust score against each profile and users can get more scores by verifying their identity through their ID proof, employment details, etc. There’s no random search and only those whose profiles match can see each other, while the chat option is available only to those who mutually like each other.

TrulyMadly 1 TrulyMadly 2 TrulyMadly 3

UC BrowserUC Browser {Update} (Free)

It seems that after entering the Alibaba’s vast empire, browser maker UCWeb is introducing a numerous changes to its browser. The most remarkable is the built-in ad-blocker – a first for any mobile browser, that too without the need of using a third-party plugin. We all know that mobile screen space is precious and those banner ads don’t serve much purpose except distracting us, so now you can disable them altogether. Another interesting feature in this update is that you can change the background of any webpage to your liking.

 UC Browser 3

Yahoo MailYahoo Mail {Update} (Free)

One of the oldest email providers, Yahoo has revamped its mobile app to offer much more to users than their mails. This way, users can use the app to check news, weather and of course emails. You can also move between these screens by a simple swipe to the left or right. There’s also smart suggestions allowing you to perform quick searches for both people and messages.

Yahoo Mail 1 Yahoo Mail 2 Yahoo Mail 3


Ninja UPNinja UP! (Free)

After the craze for endless runner games, now you can play an endless jumping game as well. Ninja UP! comes from Gameloft, and while it’s genre is similar to the popular Doodle Jump game, it’s different in a lot of ways. The 8-bit style game requires you to go as high as possible vertically by drawing trampolines at strategic points. Along the way, you’ll face obstacles such as flying ninjas, UFOs and more.

Ninja UP 1 Ninja UP 2 Ninja UP 3

On a side note, you might notice the new design update to the Play Store, which displays upfront the number of times an app has been downloaded.

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