Top Android apps and games of the week #32

Android’s version for wearables, Android Wear is showing signs of maturity within just two months of its unveil. Many developers – big and small, have started launching apps for it, or making their existing apps compatible. Amongst the notable ones this week are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Attopedia for reading Wikipedia articles. At this pace, we’re sure that we’ll have to bring you a separate weekly selection of top apps and games for Android Wear soon! But till then, take a gander at the new and updated titles this week on the Google Play Store.

FoursquareFoursquare {Update} (Free)

The massive redesign of Foursquare is finally complete. The popular check-in app is now donning a new avatar as it has offloaded that functionality to another app called Swarm, while Foursquare itself aims to be your guide about all the places you can check out to deal with your hunger pangs. What’s more the results it shows will be tuned according to your personalised tastes for food and drinks, along with your location. You don’t even need to keep your GPS on, as the company has developed a pilgrim tracking engine that automatically pinpoints your exact location. You can also follow other people to get their recommendations.

Foursquare 1 Foursquare 2 Foursquare 3

Hello TVHello TV (Free)

Don’t want to miss out on your favourite TV show while you’re out or want to be entertained even when you’re on the move? The Hello TV app is what you need, as it brings to you more than 150 live TV channels including GECs, news, music, movies and more. Apart from that, the app itself has a vast library of Bollywood, Hollywood and even regional movies.

Hello TV 1 Hello TV 2 Hello TV 3

The app lets you view free channels without any costs involves, however you need to pay to watch premium content.

OverOver (Rs 60.59)

Over has gained an enormous amount of popularity as a photo editing app with a difference on iOS, and now it’s available on Android devices as well. The Android app also comes with a few features which aren’t even available in the iOS version yet. The app allows you to overlay any kind of text on an image, and allows you to choose from more than 20 fonts and different icon packs. There’s an Over Store as well, which offers you more images, icons, fonts and more for purchase.

Over 1 Over 2 Over 3

Hurry up if you like the app, as its available at this price for a limited time only.

PinterestPinterest {Update} (Free)

It seems that all services are jumping on the messaging bandwagon allowing you to share content with other members without resorting to a third-party app or service. The popular image-sharing cum scrapbooking social network Pinterest is the latest to follow suit. Now, you can send direct messages and pins to other Pinterest members or even groups, and plan a project, get-together and what not!

Pinterest messaging update

UncloudedUnclouded (Free)

Wondering where did your precious Dropbox or Google Drive storage go? Well, as always there’s an app for that. Unclouded is a beautiful and minimalistic file explorer that connects with both the aforementioned cloud services and apart from giving you access to files, also analyses them to tell you what is consuming the most space. If you’re ready to pay for the premium version, then the app offers you more advanced functionality such as finding duplicate files, moving, deleting, renaming, etcetera.

Unclouded 1 Unclouded 2 Unclouded 3

VSCO CamVSCO Cam {Update} (Free)

One of the most popular photography apps VSCO Cam has hit version 3.0 with its latest update. The feature set includes a VSCO Grid that’s like a portfolio of pictures you’ve captured for others to see. Now you can also search for other people and follow them as well. There’s also an updated list of options to share the images or Grid on the social networks. While these are major changes at the front-end, there are some performance improvements behind the scenes as well.

VSCO Cam 3.0 for Android


KapsulaKapsula (Rs 59.94)

What’d happen if you combine the thrill of racing with the elements of a puzzle in a retro-futuristic environment? If it sounds intriguing enough, then you ought to give Kapsula a try. The game is based in a Soviet space colony, where you’ll be riding on the road with the aim of going as far as possible and collecting gems on the way. But things become interesting when you start seeing clones of your cars and you have to ensure that you aren’t destroyed because of them. The game changes environments based on the time of day you’ll be playing it at, adding a touch of reality to it.

Skulls of the ShogunSkulls of the Shogun (Rs 121.08)

The Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based strategy game where you’ll be playing as general Akamato in his after-life. With hand-drawn graphics, the game features striking visuals and the compelling story makes you stick to the game. With the help of an army, you’ve to wipe off all the demons and as the title suggests, eating their skulls will restore your health and power. The game can be played in single-player as well as multi-player modes.

With that, we end our this week’s edition of top Android apps and games. However, be sure to check out the update to Android Device Manager, which now allows you to add a call-back button to the lock screen in case the device is stolen. Also, have a look at the latest update to the LINE messenger (v4.6.0), which has added a cool feature for those who love emojis. Now, it’ll automatically suggest you the emoji(s) that can be used based on the message you’re sending to your buddy.

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