Top Android apps and games of the Week #32

Fitness seems to be a hot category these days, and while dedicated hardware for tracking it is popular, apps are the entry point for getting users serious about it. Earlier this year, Under Armour, a popular sports gear manufacturer acquired popular apps Endomondo and MyFitnessPal, and now Adidas has loosened its purse strings to buy Runtastic. Apps can do a lot for you apart from helping you track your fitness levels, and here’s a look at the titles that are worth your attention this week. We have an assorted mix of apps and games ranging from a local social network to a translate app for your phone and smartwatches along with many others.

AccomplishAccomplish (Free)

While there are a bevy of to-do managers, they don’t suit everyone’s way of working and that’s where Accomplish comes in. Unlike conventional list-based task managers, it lets you plan your day and marries that with a graphically-pleasing daily planner. You can continue using the app like a usual task manager as well, or drag-and-drop tasks in the day view. The app can also integrate with Google Calendar and support themes and gesture-based controls.

Accomplish 1 Accomplish 2 Accomplish 3

CityscapeCityscape (Free)

If you want to know what’s happening around your neighbourhood, then the local supplement of daily newspapers are your best bet. Cityscape aims to change that by creating a local social network for your neighbourhood and providing you a newsfeed, where people can share updates, images, local classifieds and more. The developers also add local news for keeping users updated. The app can also be used to report, alert and raise awareness about local issues.

Cityscape 1 Cityscape 2 Cityscape 3

FocusFocus (Free)

With Google removing the default gallery app from Android and replacing it with its own Photos service, many users are looking for a better alternative as the Photos app uploads the images to the cloud as well. Focus comes across as a capable option, which allows you to view your images in a swift manner. The app dons a Material Design interface and allows you to tag pictures with preset tags for organising them.

Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus 3

GeniusGenius (Free)

Formerly known as Rap Genius, which allowed users to make sense of rap songs by annotating them, the service has now grown beyond by adding the capability of annotating just about any text. With its app, the same power is now available on your mobile devices, although at the moment, you can only read annotations, but can’t add your own. The app gels well with Google’s Material Design language too.

Genius 1 Genius 2 Genius 3

Microsoft TranslatorMicrosoft Translator (Free)

There’s no dearth of smartwatches available in the market, though manufacturers still haven’t been able to find a killer use case for this new category. The Redmond giant might have figured that out with its latest app, Microsoft Translator, which does as its name suggests on a real-time manner on a phone or a Android Wear smartwatch (review). The app can translate in over 50 languages, and also allows you to pin the translations, so that you can refer to them whenever needed. In case you’re using a device, then you can also type the text you want to translate instead of uttering it.

Microsoft Translator 1 Microsoft Translator 2 Microsoft Translator 3

MubbleMubble (Free)

If you’re a prepaid user, then there must have been times when you wondered where all your balance went. The app works offline with dual-SIM smartphones, and displays the mobile number’s balance as well as balance in different packs. It also provides a complete record of all the balance deductions. Not just for voice calls, it can also be used for tracking your data usage, and you can see which apps are consuming data the most.

Mubble 1 Mubble 2 Mubble 3

Way2NewsWay2News (Free)

Way2News comes from the team behind extremely popular Way2SMS service, and brings you summarised version of news in the language of your choice. Currently, you can read the news in English, Hindi and Telugu, but the app has promised support for more local languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali among others. While it offers you a summary of the news up front, you can also tap upon it to go to the actual source.

Way2News 1 Way2News 2 Way2News 3


Tales of IllyriaTales of Illyria:Destinies RPG (Free)

Tales of Illyria is an RPG and third game in the popular series, where you can make a standalone story of your own. The title allows you to choose your name, appearance, gender and one of six kingdom origins, with each of the six origins having a different storyline. Even if you don’t want to go on a personal quest, you can become a mercenary and hire strong allies to battle along with you. It has over 25 hours of gameplay and 900 unique encounters.

With that, we end this week’s edition. We’ll be back with another curated selection of apps and games for you next week.

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