Top Android apps and games of the Week #30

This week, we bring to you some interesting apps and games for your Android devices, ranging from a media player to communication services. We also have an incredibly useful app for helping you to hunt down nearest Wi-Fi hotspots, along with a few addictive games to make your weekend enjoyable. So, let’s begin.

KodiKodi (Free)

Kodi media player has come a long way from being an Xbox-centric media player named XBMC in its early years. In a bid to reach more users, it has released its Android app on the Play Store after its beta version was introduced a couple of weeks back. The app offers a number of features for power users such as support for 4K videos, adaptive seeking, new audio and subtitle lists, add-on manager and more.

Kodi 1 Kodi 2

LINE LiteLINE Lite (Free)

Popular instant messaging service LINE has made it even easier for users to stay connected with others. The lite version of its app weighs less than an MB, yet offers all the basic functionality, be it exchanging messages or photos. Users can also use stickers to pep up their conversations. The app works with the users’ existing LINE IDs and makes it easier to add people on their friend list via their email IDs.

LINE Lite 1 LINE Lite 2 LINE Lite 3

OlaStoreOlaStore (Free)

Cab-hailing service Ola is quickly diversifying into multiple sectors to increase its reach and in turn, profits. After its OlaCafe service to deliver food, it has now introduced OlaStore, which will deliver grocery at your doorstep within a matter of a few hours. It has a wide range of 12,000+ products spanning across 13 categories, including fruits and vegetables, breakfast, grocery, gourmet, frozen food, and personal care among others.

OlaStore 1 OlaStore 2 OlaStore 3

The service had currently rolled out in a few areas in Bangalore as pilot, but should soon be launched nationally.

WhatsAppWhatsApp {Update} (Free)

WhatsApp seems to be on an update spree of late, making it even more useful to its large userbase. With its latest version, the app brings the capability of custom notifications for different chats, including letting you change the alert tones or LED notification lights. Along with the ability to mute group chats, users can now also mute individual conversations. Another interesting feature is the ability to change the status of read messages as unread. Last but not the least, the update adds the capability of choosing low-data consumption during voice calls.

WhatsApp 1

WiFiMapperWiFiMapper (Free)

If you’re one of those who are always on the lookout for a good and free Wi-Fi network around, then this app is a boon for you. As the name suggests, the app offers a map of Wi-Fi hotspots near you and it has a comprehensive database of more than 650 million hotspots. It also provides you Foursquare and WiFiMapper comments to know more about the hotspot venue. You can also view a history of all the hotspots you’ve connected to and check their performance.

WiFiMapper 1 WiFiMapper 2 WiFiMapper 3


Deadlock- OnlineDeadlock: Online (Free)

Deadlock: Online is the popular top-down shooting game which has made its way to Android devices after being available for iOS for four years. It has twin-stick shooting gameplay and requires players to compete against others worldwide. You can choose from over 30 different weapons, armours and attachments. If you want to practice before challenging someone online, then you can play offline matches in survival or bot mode.

Gabriel Knight Sins of FathersGabriel Knight Sins of Fathers (Free)

The title is a remastered version of the 1993 original game, which became quite popular. Now, it has been redesigned for 3D graphics, although the gameplay remains the same as a point-and-click adventure. In the game, you’ll play as Gabriel Knight, who as an author and bookstore owner, tries to investigate a series of murders in New Orleans. The closer he comes to unravelling the mystery, he comes to know about secrets of his own family history.

The free version of the game lets you play the first two days, and to continue playing, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase.

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones {Update} (Rs 312.92)

The fifth and penultimate chapter labelled ‘A nest of Vipers’ in the story-based iteration of the popular TV series of the same name is now available to users. If you’ve already played the previous four chapters, then you must be keenly waiting for it and if not, then play it to be a part of the fantasy series yourself. What’s even more interesting for those playing the title is that it’s not exactly same as the TV series or the book, and had a surprise element up its sleeves.

Game of Thrones - Chapter 5

If you purchase the game, then keep in mind that it only offers you the first chapter free, and subsequent chapters can be bought via in-app purchase.

With that, we end this week’s column. We’ll be back next week to highlight a new list of titles that are worth a download for your Android devices.

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