Top Android apps and games of the week #3

This week, we have a nifty password manager, a perspective-correcting photo-editing app, a news-reading app, and an addictive mystery puzzle among other titles for your Android devices. So, let’s dive in to the top apps and games you must download for your Android devices this week.

DashlaneDashlane Password Manager {Update} (Free)

Remembering a bunch of passwords isn’t easy, and that’s where password managers come to the rescue. Dashlane is one of the most popular apps for this purpose, and it has become even more useful with the latest update. With v4.0, the app has got a revamped design along with support for five languages. It has also updated the fingerprint security option, letting users utilise it if their devices offer this security method as a master password.

Dashlane 1 Dashlane 2 Dashlane 3


After being exclusively available on iOS for two years, popular photo-editing app SKRWT has finally made its way to Android smartphones. It’s a lens-correction tool that lets you correct the horizontal or vertical perspective of photos. Apart from that, it has the usual features such as the ability to add filters like vignette, cropping images, grid adjustment, etc.


TrackendarTrackendar (Free)

If you’re looking for an app that helps you in tracking events, habits and chores, then Trackendar presents all that in visually-appealing monthly layout. You can add common tasks such as reading, taking out trash, and even include habits like exercising along with setting up reminders.

Trackendar 1 Trackendar 2 Trackendar 3

WildcardWildcard (Free)

Wildcard is a news-reading app that provides you a list of curated news. Unlike automated news aggergating apps, Wildcard has a team of editors who curate the most interesting and relevant content from various websites. Not only does the app provides a summary view, it also lets you see the complete story in case you’re interested in the details.

Wildcard 1 Wildcard 2 Wildcard 3


I have no mouthI Have No Mouth (Rs 280.90)

I have no mouth, and I must scream isn’t just unusual because of its name, but because of its storyline too. It’s set in the post-apocalyptic world 109 years after a supercomputer known as AM has wiped out entire humanity. Based on a short story of the same name, your job is to play as the last five survivors, who are being tortured by the AI. With its interesting gameplay and background music, the title keeps the player engrossed.

The RoomThe Room Three (Rs 300)

After the success of the first two parts of a mystery-based puzzle, Fireproof games is now back with the third avatar of The Room. In the game, you need to solve all puzzles to navigate a series trials created by a mystery person called “The Craftsman”. The game has immersive graphics and an engaging audio track.

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