Top Android apps and games of the Week #29

Wondering how you can extend the functionality of your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, you’re at the right place, since apps can add a number of features on a device, and that’s why we bring you a careful selection of apps and games that deserve your attention every week. This time around, we have apps for the photographer in you, for managing your finances better and an interesting game. So, let’s begin.

ProShotProShot (Free)

Smartphones have become our go-to shooting devices for capturing special moments. However, when it comes to the ability to change various settings such as ISO, focus, etc., then barring a few devices, users don’t have much control in their hands. ProShot brings that capability in the hands of the user and offers a wide range of options. It allows shooting images in JPEG or RAW formats, and brings the ability to adjust ISO, exposure, shutter speed, etc. (if the hardware supports) and these options are available across different modes such as burst, timer and timelapse. Not just images, the app also offers similar controls for recording video too.

ProShot 1 ProShot 2

The app supports a limited number of devices, since it requires Android 5.1 or above to work.

ShopoShopo (Free)

The eCommerce industry in India is undergoing an interesting shift – while it’s trying to widen its reach to get more people to get comfortable with the idea of buying online, at the same time, it’s also taking a mobile-only approach as most users own smartphones. Shopo, a company acquired by Snapdeal last year, has also been relaunched keeping that in mind. The mobile-only marketplace offers 14 categories ranging from clothes to electronics. Users can also chat and bargain with the seller via the platform.

Shopo 1 Shopo 2 Shopo 3

The platform also makes it easier for anyone to start selling products with its zero-commission based model and smooth onboarding process.

SmartspendsSmartspends (Free)

If you’re one of those who, towards the end of every month, wonder where all their salary went, then this app is for you. Smartspends enlists all your expenses automatically, if you’ve paid through credit cards by tracking your SMSes and automatically categorising them under shopping, food, entertainment, etc. You can also manually input expenses and the app provides reminders to pay various bills too. But it also goes beyond being a mere expense manager with features such as deals, offers on the cards you own, etc.

Smartspends 1 Smartspends 2 Smartspends 3

SwivelSwivel – App orientation lock (Rs 62.71)

It seems odd that the only screen orientation options that the Android system offers to users is to let them choose between either portrait or landscape. And, if you choose any of the two, then all your apps will open in the selected orientation only. Swivel makes it easier to open the apps in the specific orientation you want them to, irrespective of the way the whole UI is oriented. This allows you to configure apps to open in portrait (up or down) or landscape (up or down). Or you can even use the auto setting, which opens the particular title in any orientation depending upon the way you’re holding your phone.

Swivel 1 Swivel 2 Swivel 3

TrringTrring (Free)

Although, the app positions itself as a lockscreen replacement, it’s actually a cross between a lockscreen and launcher – and a good one at that. Inspired from yesteryear’s rotary dials available on landline phones, the app features a similar interface, letting you access apps quickly. You can also access toggle options for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. The paid version of the app supports more features such as the ability to dial certain numbers from the rotary dial as well as indicating missed notifications via bubbles.

Trring 1 Trring 2

TuberTuber (Free)

Google-owned YouTube is a great platform for watching videos of just about anything. However, if you’ve subscribed to a lot of channels, then watching new videos from your favourite ones is a bit of an issue since the YouTube app first displays recommended videos, sponsored videos and what not before letting you watch what you want to. Tuber cuts down all that, by listing down your favourite channels so that you can start watching instantly.

Tuber 1 Tuber 2


This War of MineThis War of Mine (Rs 499)

The title seems like a throwback at the past with its black and white theme and graphics. In the game, you’ll be playing as a group of civilians who are trying to survive a besieged city and have to scour for food, medicines, etc. on a constant basis in order to stay alive. To break the monotony, the game follows different rules in the day and night. At day, with snipers outside, your job is to maintain your refuge, while at night, you have to take one of the civilians and find items which are necessary for staying alive.

As we close this week’s edition, do check out the latest update to Telegram. The app now supports direct playback of links from services such as SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube.

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