Top Android apps and games of the week #28

Android, as a platform, is constantly growing in terms of adoption as well as its functionality, and so is the Play Store. That’s why we bring you a roundup of top apps and games that deserve your attention each week. This week, we’ve got immensely useful apps like Commandr and Theftie, as well as enjoyable games like Leo’s Fortune.

CommandrCommandr for Google Now (Free)

Google Now is one of those things that can completely change the way you use your smartphone. But even then, it has some limitations, especially the inability to control system toggles when compared to its rivals in the form of Cortana and Siri. Enter Commandr, the app that allows you to create custom commands for toggling Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. The app developer has cleverly integrated the app with the Google Now, even though it doesn’t support third-party apps by making use of its note-taking functionality. So, if you want to turn on Bluetooth, for example, you’ll have to say ‘note to self turn on Bluetooth’ after initiating Google Now.

Commandr 1 Commandr 2

You might not like the fact that you need to utter long and meaningless commands, but in return, you get an extremely handy feature allowing you to control connectivity toggles hands-free. And, the best of all? The app is totally free and developer has promised to add support for more voice prompts by taking user votes.

MathKitMathKit (Free)

Stuck on a mathematics problem because you aren’t able to recall a certain formula? Worry not, your smartphone can help, thanks to the MathKit app. It offers formulas for wide range of topics including geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more.

MathKit 1 MathKit 2 MathKit 3

The app will soon be updated to add formulas from statistics, probability, among other topics.

LokLokLokLok (Free)

The next-gen apps are making sure that users don’t have to specifically open them to use their functionality. LokLok is an innovative take on messaging by allowing users to interact with others directly from the lockscreen itself. Yes, you read it right! The app syncs your screen to your friend’s, and if they write or doodle something, you can see the same on your lockscreen. To reply, you can doodle on the same image or capture an image, and that will be shown on their lockscreens. The messages are ephemeral and you can use it to message your friends or even a group.

LokLok 1 LokLok 2 LokLok 3

PoochOPoochO (Free)

People in the National Capital Region can now book a GPS-fitted auto-rickshaw with a click of a button from their smartphone. Developed by DIMTS (Delhi integrated Multi-Modal Transit System) which has also launched other useful apps such as Delhi Transit Bus Info, the app lets users find an auto-rickshaw nearest to them with the help of GPS and call them for booking. The use of GPS also lets the user to track the vehicle’s location and see if the driver is coming towards them or not, even after calling them. More than 24,000 autos-rickshaws have registered themselves for this initiative and going forward, the number will increase. Users can also get an idea of the estimated fare for their trip from the app.

PoochO 1 PoochO 2 PoochO 3

TheftieTheftie (Free)

Prevention is always better than cure and that’s why a simple search on the Play Store for tracking lost mobiles will throw numerous results. A new app, Theftie offers the usual features of locating your lost or stolen phone, locking it down, deleting your data, etcetera. Plus, the app offers a nifty feature that allows you to back up all your data on Google Drive, so that your data isn’t compromised. It also lets you control the device remotely by web or SMS.

Theftie 1 Theftie 2


BlekBlek (Rs 179.51)

Android is now getting its fare share of well-designed games and Blek, released last week, is definitely one such title. The objective of the game is very simple – draw any gesture in such a way that it destroys all the coloured circles while avoiding the black holes on its route. What makes this game interesting is the mesmerising graphics and the fact that there are countless ways to finish each level.

Leo's FortuneLeo’s Fortune (Rs 300)

Thanks to its amazing graphics, the game has already won an Apple design award at the annual WWDC this year, and now it’s arriving on Android devices. In the game, you play the role of a ball of fur called Leo, who learns that his hard-earned fortune has suddenly gone missing. So, you have to join him in the pursuit of finding as much as the missing fortune possible, over 20 levels. During the journey, you’ll come across numerous puzzles, and if you’re able to complete the special challenges of each level, you get to play the bonus level.

SoulCraft 2SoulCraft 2 (Free)

SoulCraft 2 – League of Angels, a successor of the popular SoulCraft game is just like any other action RPG. But what makes it different and interesting is its angels vs. demons storyline. You step into the shoes of one of the seven angels and you have to defend earth from legions of hell. You can play the game individually or in multiplayer mode challenging anyone from around the world.

Also check out the latest update being pushed to Gmail, allowing you to attach files directly from your Google Drive.

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