Top Android apps and games of the Week #28

With more than 80 percent market share, Android dominates the smartphone segment. Developers also know the potential this offers to them and hence over the years, the Play Store has grown by leaps and bounds. However, with so many apps and games, it might be challenging to find the ones which deserve your attention. That’s why, every week we bring you a hand-picked selection of titles that have just been launched or received a major update. So, read on to find out this week’s picks.

Google DocsGoogle Docs {Update} (Free)

The search engine giant has added some useful features with the latest update to its document-editing app dubbed Docs. Now, you don’t need to save the document just to rename it, since that functionality is accessible via the hamburger menu available on the right. It has also improved the office compatibility, wherein comments and suggestions are now grouped together for docx files. This makes it easier to accept or reject a suggestion, while the comment can be replied to or ignored.

Google Docs 1 Google Docs 2 Google Docs 3

HooksHooks (Free)

If you always want to stay updated about things you like, then Hooks is for you. Sports scores, information about music concerts, video game releases, a reminder for the next episode of your favourite TV series, weather details, your mentions on Twitter, currency exchange rates – you name it, and the app can send you an alert about the same regularly. Currently, it lets you subscribe to over 100 channels, with more channels being added every week.

Hooks 1 Hooks 2 Hooks 3

ReadlistReadlist (Free)

Readlist makes it easier to track the reading progress of the book you’re reading. Not only it makes it extremely simple to add a book to its dashboard, via searching, scanning a barcode or manually entering the name, it also offers you detailed statistics of your progress. It also lets you organise your list of books with shelves and colours. You can also set up reading goals such as 50 pages every day or one book every fortnight.

Readlist 1 Readlist 2 Readlist 3

TruemessengerTruemessenger (Free)

Truecaller is a boon for those who get inundated with spam calls as it automatically helps identify unknown numbers. But what about your SMSes? Every day we get a lot of text messages and while some of them are spam, quite a few of them are from real people, even though we might not have their numbers saved in our address books. For this very reason, Truecaller has introduced an SMS-replacement app dubbed Truemessenger, which detects, blocks and reports spam alongside displaying names for unknown senders, thanks to its vast database.

Truemessenger 1 Truemessenger 2 Truemessenger 3

Truecaller has launched the app specifically for India, but will expand it to other regions soon.

WhatsAppWhatsApp {Update} (Free)

Well, to be honest, this update isn’t about the app itself, but it’s still very important to mention as the popular instant messenger has now extended the capabilities of its WhatsApp Web client. With the update, it makes you less dependant on the phone for things like changing your profile picture or editing your status. It also allows you to delete or archive individual chats, while for group chats, it offers options like archiving, muting or exiting the group chat.

WhatsApp Web


Fearless FantasyFearless Fantasy (Rs 252.61)

Fearless Fantasy is an RPG where you play as Leon, the world’s most dangerous bounty hunter and your mission is to save a girl from an unhappy marriage. To do so, you’ll need to slay all sorts of weird creatures. The game makes good use of touchscreens allowing players to use swipes, taps and pauses to make critical hits or block enemy attacks. The game is quite addictive thanks to its appealing graphics and interesting voice-overs.

GridditionGriddition (Free)

Think you love numbers and puzzles? Then try Griddition which challenges your brain with its simple concept but tough gameplay. In the game, all you need to do is to fill the grid with numbers in such a manner that each row and column adds up to a given total. With over seven levels, eight colour themes and two game types, the title keeps the player hooked.

Griddition 1 Griddition 2 Griddition 3

If you’re looking for a keyboard replacement app, then check our Fleksy, one of the most popular apps. It has just gone free on the Play Store, allowing users the ability to type faster and accurately, along with offering a ton of other features.

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