Top Android apps and games of the week #27

Within a few years, Cyanogen has grown from an enthusiastic community for extending the potential of Android to a company developing a custom ROM built on top of Android. The preloaded apps in the ROM that offer useful functionality have helped make the ROM popular. The company is now developing a Chromium-based browser labelled Gello that will come with powerful features such as night mode, offline reading, immersive mode, granular privacy settings for individual websites, etc.
While we wait for the browser to arrive, let’s check out the apps and games you should try now, since they were launched or updated this week itself.

DoodleDoodle (Free)

Don’t get fooled by the name thinking of it as a doodling app, as this can be immensely useful for planning and scheduling. The app makes it extremely simple to gather others preferences regarding time, dates, etc. when fixing a meeting. This serves as a more effective method than large email threads or the usual phone calls to confirm if everyone would be attending that important meeting or a house party.

Doodle 1 Doodle 2 Doodle 3

Facebook LiteFacebook Lite (Free)

Within a decade, Facebook has become the largest social networking website, but still there are millions of people who aren’t able to use it because of poor internet connectivity. For such users, Facebook launched a Lite version of its app a few months ago in selected regions, and now the app has made its way to India. The app works smoothly even on 2G networks and is less than 1MB in size, yet offers all the functionality of the regular app.

Facebook Lite 1 Facebook Lite 3 Facebook Lite 2

Inputting Inputting+ (Free)

The time of physical keyboards on our smartphones has long gone, and now we’re more accustomed to touchscreen input. However, when we need advanced features such as undoing actions or finding text, then touchscreens can be a pain. A new app called Inputting+ aims to help with that by offering a floating bubble whenever you’re typing. Tapping on the floating button will allow you to use features like undo, redo, find and replace text.

Inputting  1 Inputting  2 Inputting  3

PushbulletPushbullet {Update} (Free)

Pushbullet has become a go-to app to transfer files between devices and computers, and with its latest update, it’s becoming more useful and easier to use. The app has revamped its interface and now offer three tabs – Friends, Me and Following. While the first tab shows you everything sent by your friends, the me tab displays all your pushes sent to or received from your devices. The following tab contains the list of channels you are following.

Pushbullet 1 Pushbullet 2 Pushbullet 3

Along with the mobile app, Pushbullet has also updated its Chrome and Firefox extensions as well as the Windows app.

TruedialerTruedialer (Free)

While Truecaller is popular for indicating who’s calling you, its app, Truedialer goes a step further by showing you the name while you’re dialling a number, in case they’re not in your addressbook. The version 3.0 brings a refreshed design to the app along with showing results quickly. It also has a dedicated search bar for helping you find people and their contact details easily.

Truedialer 1 Truedialer 2 Truedialer 3

Aviate LauncherYahoo Aviate Launcher {Update} (Free)

Unlike launchers which totally reimagine your homescreen, Aviate Launcher is known for simplifying and smartifying it. With its new version, the Yahoo-owned launcher is taking this idea to the next level with Smart Stream. It has updated its spaces feature to bring you apps and content based on time, location and what you’re doing at that time. When you’re roaming for instance, it can surface best eating joints for you. With more usage, the functionality will continue to become more personalised and smarter.

Aviate Launcher 3 Aviate Launcher 2 Aviate Launcher 1


Dead Among UsDead Among Us (Free)

A dangerous, contagious virus called Cerus has released in a city due to an explosion and it can turn hosts into zombies. That’s the background of this game where you, as a gold-medallist archer, will be acting as a saviour for the planet. You will team up with other survivors and scientists, and while they will be collecting supplies and trying to develop an anti-virus, you are responsible for protecting them from zombies. The title has amazing graphics and offers a variety of power ups to kill the zombies.

DotsDots {Update} (Free)

Dots, a simple-yet-extremely-addictive game of connecting dots has received a major update. The title now offers three new themes to make it more fun – Space, Mod Synth and Desert. But that’s not all, you can wear a designer’s hat as well to choose your own dot and background colour scheme. The app has also donned a cleaner interface and offers high resolution graphics to work well on large screens.

Dots 1 Dots 2 Dots 3

Overkill 3Overkill 3 {Update} (Free)

Overkill 3, a popular third-person shooting game has received an update to make the title even more interesting to players. With the new endless mode, your job is to defend the generator as long as possible, because if it gets in the hands of the evil faction, then they will destroy the world. The title has also added a multiplayer mode allowing you to play along with others as well as chat with them.

SocioballSocioball (Free)

Socioball is a puzzle game where you place the missing tiles with apt ones so as to get the ball from start to finish. With over 60+ mind-bending puzzles, the game will keep you hooked. Not just that, the app also lets you create your own puzzles with the built-in editor that can also be shared with others.

The Chinese startup Xiaomi is celebrating the first anniversary of its debut in the Indian market this year, and  has launched Mi Store beta app for users. The app allows the users to view and buy its products from its official Mi Store.

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