Top Android apps and games of the week #24

With FIFA 2014 already on, all your attention would be on the matches and tracking the progress of your favourite team. That’s why we have a handy list of apps for the World Cup so you won’t miss out on the fun even when you’re on the move. However, the Play Store was alive and kicking this week otherwise too, with tons of apps and games marking their debut or a re-entry with an update. What’s more interesting this week is that we have a few of our favourite apps now available for free.

1Password1Password {Update} (Free)

We are always told that we should use strong passwords for all our accounts for security purposes, but because we tend to forget them, we choose the easy way most of the times. 1Password, with its latest update, aims to change that by allowing you to create difficult and unique passwords for websites, bank accounts, credit cards and more, along with the ability to log into them on your behalf. You can also sync your passwords across different mobile devices as well as desktops thanks to the app’s cross-platform availability.

1Password 1 1Password 2 1Password 3

What’s more, you get to use all the premium features for free till  August 1st.

Camera ZOOM FXCamera Zoom FX (Free)

Camera Zoom FX figures amongst the best camera apps available on the Android platform. To reach more users, it has taken the freemium route with basic features available for no cost and advanced editing options available in its Pro version. Even then, it gets some useful functionalities that aren’t available in the stock camera app including a built-in editing tool, ability to control ISO and white balance, time-lapse shooting modes amongst several others.

Camera ZOOM FX 1 Camera ZOOM FX 2

Of course, you can avail more options like burst shooting modes, stable shooting mode, voice-activated shooting and more by ponying up Rs 180 for the premium version.

Copy BubbleCopy Bubble (Free)

When we reviewed the LG L90 Dual, we really liked the ability to copy multiple things at once and then use the Clip Tray functionality to paste it wherever we need. But with this app, you can get the same ability for any other Android device. Just like the Link Bubble app featured in our Apps of the Week series a few weeks ago, Copy Bubble shows a floating bubble whenever you copy something. Then, you can click the bubble to see all your copy history that can be used anywhere or shared with anyone.

Copy Bubble 1 Copy Bubble 2 Copy Bubble 3

KindleKindle {Update} (Free)

Amazon’s Kindle e-book reading app has added a brand new functionality which will definitely please bookworms. With Whispersync for voice, you can listen to your e-books and not just read them, thanks to the integration with Audible. What’s more interesting is that the app syncs your reading progress, which means it’ll resume from where you left off. However, keep in mind that you have to purchase the audiobook version of the book separately, along with the e-book. You need to download the audiobook first to listen to it.

Kindle 1

SwiftKeySwiftKey {Update} (Free)

The alternative keyboard SwiftKey is one of the must-have apps on any Android device, and with the latest update, you don’t have to shell out anything to use it as it’s now completely free. There are a host of new features as well such as a large library of 800 emojis with prediction support and 30 free and paid keyboard themes. You can also get an additional row of number keys at the top.

SwiftKey 1 SwiftKey 2 SwiftKey 3

UC BrowserUC Browser {Update} (Free)

UC Browser is a popular mobile browser in India and it has been in the news this week, as Chinese giant Alibaba has just acquired it. However, there’s something new on the app side as well, since its trying to cash in on the buzz around FIFA. Not only you do get the latest and up-to-date info about the tournament with this update, but you can also participate in a contest for predicting the winners of each match. You can walk away with a cool Rs 1 crore cash as the grand prize and several other prizes such as Apple devices and Lenovo laptops.

UC Browser 1 UC Browser 2 UC Browser 3


Angry Birds EpicAngry Birds Epic (Free)

The extremely popular game franchise Angry Birds, for the very first time, includes a game that marks a departure from the usual bird-slinging gameplay. While the storyline is the same – birds pitted against pigs, but Angry Birds Epic actually is an RPG. The game follows a turn-based roleplaying game mode, in which a group of birds battle against pigs with the help of weapons, potions and more.

The game is free to download, but requires in-app purchases to upgrade the birds’ armour and power.

Fluid SEFluid SE (Rs 117.94)

What will you get if you bring Pacman-style gaming to a racing sport? We’re sue this question would have set your minds racing, and hence we present to you Fluid SE. Your aim is to move Streak around the course collecting lighting dots and avoiding other dots at the same time. It sounds simple, but it isn’t, and you have to take advantage of various boosts available on your path intelligently. The game has amazing graphics and offers 40 levels of insane fun.

VVVVVV (Rs 197.43)

Confusing name aside, VVVVVV is being touted as one of the most difficult games ever. The game falls in the platformer genre and requires you to play as Captain Viridian. You have to save yourself from spikes and dodge enemies by defying gravity and going up or down. The graphics of the game are fairly basic, but it’s the gameplay that makes it challenging and interesting.

Facebook-addicts will appreciate the latest update to the app, allowing the ability of liking posts, photos and pages even when you’re offline along with the ability of turning off post notifications. Not just the main app, the social network giant also updated its Messenger app, allowing you to share videos of up to 15 seconds to your friends. If you’re a fan of Pushbullet, then the latest update to its beta version will make you like it even more — as now you can reply to SMSes right from your computer, though it works only with EvolveSMS at the moment.

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