Top Android apps and games of the week #24

The Play Store has several great apps and games for your Android devices, however, it isn’t easy to find new titles that deserve your attention. That’s why we bring you a curated list of apps that are worth downloading every week. This week we have more games than apps to make your coming weekend enjoyable.

APUS BrowserAPUS Browser (Free)

While there’s no dearth of browsers available on the Play Store, APUS Browser aims to stand out by being a lightweight and minimalist browser as compared to feature-rich and heavy ones. It’s just 600KB in size and by doing away with non-essential features, it’s able to offer a fast and smooth browsing experience to the user. If you want to conserve your data, you can also enable the no-image mode to disable images on websites. While it might not offer much functionality, it does come with basic features such as support for multiple tabs, shortcuts, bookmarks, and a download manager. 

APUS Browser 1 APUS Browser 3 APUS Browser 2

GoalieGoalie (Free)

Trying to follow your goals is a difficult task, as we can all attest to from our experience with New Year’s resolutions. Goalie aims to change that by becoming a one-stop place to track your goals, habits and reminders. The app also showcases your progress over a seven-day period, while providing a detailed graph in the goal details. You can set as many goals as you want, and the app will colour code them to distinguish them from each other.

Goalie 1 Goalie 2 Goalie 3

What's HOTWhat’s HOT (Free)

TimesCity, an app that helps you discover restaurants, movies and events in your city, has rebranded itself to What’s HOT. As part of its rebranding, the app has become an editorially curated platform helping users to discover restaurants and bars. The app will also help you find deals such as ‘happy hours’, ‘weekend brunch’, etc. while displaying a list of plays, stand-up shows, and concerts, among others.

What's HOT 1 What's HOT 2 What's HOT 3

Currently, the app is available for metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Pune.


Angry Birds FightAngry Birds Fight! (Free)

Among the most popular mobile gaming franchises, Angry Birds has a new game in its kitty which deviates from its usual slingshot-based game mechanics. Called Angry Birds Fight!, the game is based on the match-three format, where you’ll be competing against other players in real time. Earning points will also allow you to equip the birds with weapons, armour, health, and attack power.

BrickiesBrickies (Free)

This title is a take on yesteryear’s popular brick-breaking game, wherein you can use a paddle to launch a ball to break bricks. There are some fresh twists in the game as well. For instance, if you can’t hit the ball with the paddle, the game isn’t over, and instead the ball is deactivated until you bounce it again. The game features fast-paced levels and mesmerising graphics to add to the fun.

Doodle DrawDoodle Draw for Messenger (Free)

Just a few months ago, Facebook announced its plans to turn Messenger into a platform, and now we have the first game made exclusively for the chatting app. As the name suggests, Doodle Draw allow users to doodle something and then challenge friends to guess what is it. If they guess it right, they will earn points to buy more colours. While the game is simple, it works seamlessly with the Messenger app and thus makes it fun to play with friends.

Doodle Draw 1 Doodle Draw 2 Doodle Draw 3

Feed me Oil 2Feed me Oil 2 (Free)

The sequel to the popular Feed me Oil game, the premise of the title remains the same – guide the gallons of oil through machines to create the perfect solution. However this time, it adds more mind-bending mechanical designs to make it more enjoyable. The game has four chapters of fun and it has also been overhauled with new graphics.

LifelineLifeline (Rs 190.55)

There is no dearth of visual games, but text-based titles have their own charm and Lifeline is worth checking out if you want such a game. The title follows the story of Taylor who is stranded after a crash landing on an alien moon. The rest of his crew is either missing or dead, and his communicator can only reach you. You have to make sure he stays alive. The game sends you notifications throughout the day to make it interactive. You can check the messages in real time or later, and your decisions will shape the story’s outcome. What makes it fun is that you can go back and see what would have happened if you had made a different choice.

Lifeline 1 Lifeline 2 Lifeline 3

Before we sign off, we should mention that the popular puzzle game Threes! has just been launched as a free version, supported with ads.

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