Top Android apps and games of the week #23

Getting a grip on the variety of permissions required by any kind of app or game is a little difficult, perhaps that’s why Google is trying to make it easier with the latest update to the Play Store. Now you’ll be seeing permissions being organised under a group, that can be identified with the respective icon on the web as well as the Android app. That was a little nugget of information for you Android fans, but as always the purpose of this series is to find the best apps and games on the Play Store every week. This time, we have several useful updates to popular apps, plus a few interesting games.

HangoutsHangouts {Update} (Free)

The search engine titan is adding more features to its instant-messaging app to make it a compelling replacement for the default SMS app on Android. With the latest update, you can assign custom ringtones to different contacts. The app also gives the option to see a list of all the blocked contacts along with the ability to hide contacts.

Hangouts 1 Hangouts 2


Instagram {Update} (Free)

The Popular photo and video social network Instagram hit a massive update this week. With version 6.0, the app is offering much more than just tweaked image or video sharing. It includes a bunch of photo-editing features including changing the composition with Adjust and Vignette, selecting colours with Warmness, Brightness, Contrast, etc. and sharpening the images available when you click upon a wrench icon. You can also manually set the strength of the filter being applied.

Instagram 1 Instagram 2

TalonTalon {Update} (Rs 123.23)

We featured Talon in our apps of the week on its debut as a simplistic app to access Twitter. With this update, the app is becoming more feature-rich with some functionalities aimed at advanced users. There are a few changes in the interface department, but more importantly, the app can now translate tweets (although it redirects you to a website) as well as showing multiple images in the single tweet. You can also schedule tweets and even draft them to go later when an internet connection is available.

Talon 1 Talon 2 Talon 3

The app also boasts support for the Android Wear platform, though the devices running it are yet to launch.

WikipediaWikipedia Beta (Free)

One of the world’s most popular websites and go-to encyclopedia, Wikipedia is making a big change to its mobile app. But instead of pushing it out to its main app, it has launched a Beta version, so that bugs can be ironed out. The changelog includes a native redesign, editing capabilities and more importantly, table of contents, helping you easily navigate the lengthy pages full of info. There are some more features as well such as the ability to bookmark pages and being able to view your recent browsing history.

Wikipedia 1 Wikipedia 2 Wikipedia 3


Flappy GolfFlappy Golf (Free)

The immensely difficult yet insanely-addictive game, Flappy Bird took the world with storm, prompting its developer to pull it out of the app stores. But if you enjoyed that game, then Flappy Golf will interest you even more as it merges Flappy Bird with Super Stickman Golf 2. It has the same 52 levels as the golf game, but instead of moving your stick, you have to work on flap mechanics to dunk the ball in the hole. Also, lesser the flaps, higher the score.

GFMGOAL Football Manager (Free)

The football season is about to begin with the popular tournament FIFA starting in Brazil. But if you have a knack for scouring good talent, then you can put it to good use with this game. As the title suggests, you have to buy and sell players for your team, compete in matches and aim to win. Along with training the players, you also have to control your finances. You can also invest in team jerseys and customise the look of the stadium.

The best part about the game is that it’s absolutely free without any in-app purchase prompts.

Hitman GOHitman GO (Rs 300)

Hitman is a popular video game revolving around Agent 47, a cloned assassin for hire. Now it’s available on your mobile devices as a tactical turn-based role-playing game. Like all the Hitman games, you’re up against deadly enemies and you have to guide Agent 47 to complete the mission. The game has a simple interface with touchscreen-optimised gameplay.

If you’re owner of one of Motorola’s trinity of handsets – the Moto E, G or X, then update the Assist app to get the ability to listen to messages and caller names aloud with the addition of a new Home category. Also, check out the update to YouTube being rolled out, giving you granular control over the streaming quality of the video. Compared to HD and non-HD options earlier, you can now select the video quality ranging from 144p to 720p.

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