Top Android apps and games of the week #23

Many of us have faced low storage warnings on our Android devices while installing new apps or games. But with the new built-in uninstall manager, Google will be making it easier to uninstall less used titles with a single tap. This is certainly an interesting and useful addition to the digital storefront. And, if you are wondering which apps or games deserve to occupy the precious storage space on your phones or tablets, then you are at the right place.

BlendleBlendle (Free)

If you’re looking to read articles from different newspapers or magazines, and don’t want to specifically subscribe to any of them, then this app is for you… as it lets you pay for individual stories. You can check the trending stories of the day and filter them as per your taste, and even see the ones that are recommended by your friends.

Blendle 1 Blendle 2 Blendle 3

Boomerang NotificationsBoomerang Notifications (Free)

Bothered by so many notifications from different apps installed on your mobile device and cluttering your notification shade? Well, the Boomerang Notifications app makes it easier to deal with them. Whenever you get a notification, you can swipe it away, and the app will ask whether you simply want to dismiss it or would like to snooze it for some time. Now, whenever you check Boomerang Notifications, it will show you the dismissed and upcoming notifications (in case you have snoozed them) in an at-a-glance screen. It also lets you select which apps would show up the snooze prompt, when you dismiss the notification.

Boomerang Notifications 1 Boomerang Notifications 2 Boomerang Notifications 3

DND ServiceDND Service (TRAI) (Free)

The telecom regulatory body TRAI has made it extremely easy to report unsolicited commercial communication and telemarketing calls or messages. Now, it’s making it even easier and instantaneous with the app. Users would be able to register for DND service, report calls or messages to their respective telecom service provider and check the status of the complaint.

DND Service 1 DND Service 2 DND Service 3

GoogleGoogle {Update} (Free)

If you’re using a Marshmallow-based smartphone and are a fan of Google’s Now on Tap feature, then it has got a significant update. Earlier, you only had the option to long-press the home button and Google automatically picked the search terms and presented the info cards. But now, it gives you the option to search for a specific chunk of text in a webpage, email or chat. The feature will also work with images, which means that you can get information about pictures too, without even leaving the app. Taking this a step further, the feature will work real-time as well with the camera app, letting you know more about the architecture, movie or magazine.

Google Now on tap update

Google KeepGoogle Keep {Update} (Free)

Google’s note-taking app, Keep, has received a refresh this week. It now sports a slightly redesigned interface which gels better with the Material Design language. The app will also show link previews, and another cool feature is the ability to suggest grocery items. This is because the app will understand the context and whenever you’re making the grocery list, it’ll suggest related items only. If you have already added something in your checklist and you’re adding it again, then it intelligently tells that it has already been added.

Google Keep

NoisliNoisli (Free) is a popular website for generating background music and colours to help you relax your mind. And, now the service is available at your fingertips with the mobile app. It lets you mix different sounds and create a perfect mix that can help you focus on enhancing your productivity, improving your concentration or letting you take a quick nap. The app works completely offline and you can also add a timer to it, helping you to enhance your time-management skills too.

Noisli 1 Noisli 2 Noisli 3

VSCOVSCO {Update} (Free)

VSCO is among the better-known apps for photo editing and also doubles up as a social network. Now, the app has been updated with a revamped interface along with support for gestures. Now, you can easily switch between the editing screen and check pictures shared by the people you follow with a simple swipe. There’s a new Find my friends feature as well, which as the name suggests, lets you see your Facebook friends on VSCO.



Sky Force ReloadedSky Force Reloaded (Free)

Successor to critically-acclaimed Sky Force game, the Sky Force Reloaded title brings forth similar gameplay with better graphics. It’s a classic arcade shooting game, wherein you have to shoot incoming aircraft and missiles with your fighter plane. The title also lets you choose from the wide variety of planes, and you can upgrade them with powerful weapons. You will also need to fight with bosses in different levels.

Transformers- Earth WarsTransformers: Earth Wars (Free)

The Transformers franchise has been among the most popular movies and TV series, and with Earth Wars, you can side with Autobots or Decepticons. Depending upon whom you pick, you will play the role of the leader in the form of Optimus Prime or Megatron. It’s a real-time strategy game where you need to build your base and defend it. You will also be able to make your troops more powerful and get special abilities.

Also, check out the latest update to the popular endless running game, Temple Run 2. The Blazing sands expansion pack brings new characters and changes the scenery to that of a desert, although the gameplay remains the same.

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