Top Android apps and games of the week #22

Mobile gaming seems to have come full circle –  from following the storyline of movies or comic books to movies based on games. After the Angry Birds movie which was released recently, the reports now are suggesting that a movie will be made on Fruit Ninja. Couple it with the fact that upcoming movies like Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft are also based on popular console games, it surely is quite interesting and suggests how much potential apps and games hold. Coincidentally, this week, we have a lot of games for your Android devices along with a couple of apps. Read on to find out which titles are worth downloading.

Lens LauncherLens Launcher (Free)

There’s no dearth of launcher-replacement apps available on the Play Store. However, Lens Launcher manages to stand apart with its unique idea of showing all the apps in one screen itself. To allow this, the launcher displays all the apps in an equi-spaced grid and then as its name suggests, you can use the lens to zoom in on any area, and then launch the app. The launcher also supports various gestures for quickly opening the apps.

Lens Launcher 1Lens Launcher 2Lens Launcher 3

Science JournalScience Journal (Free)

If you want to use your smartphone to its fullest potential and are feeling a tad nerdy, then you should try out the Science Journal app which comes from Google’s stable. It can use your phone’s sensors and can also connect to external sensors to help you conduct various experiments. You can make predictions, take notes and collect data in multiple trials for your experiment. If you are looking for some ideas, then there’s a handy website for the same.

Science Journal 1 Science Journal 2Science Journal 3


AirAttack 2 (Free)

A sequel to the air combat shooter in the top-down format, the Air Attack 2 game takes it to the next level. Its controls remain the same – you can move your finger around the screen to shoot with your fighter plane, and tapping anywhere will let you drop bombs. And if you tap the special button, then you’d be able to attack via missiles too. You can also get upgrades to more weapons such as homing missiles and flamethrowers.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Rs 200)

A critically-acclaimed title for its gripping storyline, the game has finally made its way to Android devices. The story revolves around an ailing father, whose sons embark upon a journey to find the “Water of Life” to save him. The brothers – Naia and Naiee, need each other to survive as they have to be strong and brave for one another. The game also offers interesting controls since you need to control both the brothers at once with the virtual joysticks.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons 1 Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons 2 

Crashing Season (Free)

In this title, hunters become the hunted as the animals aim to take their revenge for destroying their money vault. With its interesting graphics and artwork, the game offers an interesting gameplay and lets you play as animals to beat enemies and fight against mean bosses. You can also unlock wacky animal characters, upgrade powers and customise your characters.

Lifeline: Whiteout (Rs 200)

Expanding the Lifeline franchise of text-based games that take direction as per your actions, the developers have now launched a new title dubbed Whiteout. Similar to other games in the franchise, an adventurer is alone and lost in a frozen wasteland and only you can help him to safety along with finding his identity. You can play the title again and again by making different choices, which makes it even more addictive.

Lifeline- Whiteout 1 Lifeline- Whiteout 2 Lifeline- Whiteout 3 

MMX Hill Climb (Free)

A spin-off to the MMX Racing title, MMX Hill Climb takes the fun of truck racing to a much higher level (quite literally). The title involves physics and you need to race while ensuring that you are able to move forward on inclines which require just the right amount of acceleration. The game offers immersive graphics and a variety of racing tracks.

Before we go, do check out the update to popular caller identification app Truecaller, which can now help you find unknown numbers in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE.

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