Top Android apps and games of the Week #21

The Play Store is always abuzz with a number of apps and games, but the past week was particularly busy for the app marketplace. It witnessed the entry of apps from the likes of Microsoft and Facebook-owned Instagram, along with many others. We also have a couple of apps this week that are still in beta, but are still worth your time. Let’s begin with this week’s edition of the top titles that you should try on your Android devices.

Adblock BrowserAdblock Browser (Free)

If you like to browse different websites and the ads put you off, then you’d surely have heard of Adblock Plus. The service, available as an extension for popular browsers, blocks the ads and now you can enjoy the same functionality on mobile devices with its Browser. Based on Firefox 37, the app has the native capability of blocking the ads, though it doesn’t support other add-ons or Mozilla’s sync feature. It also promises to not affect the battery life of the phone and conserves cellular data.

Adblock Browser 1

While the developers have launched a community for beta testers on Google+, the app isn’t live on Google Play yet. Interested users can download its APK to enjoy an ad-free experience of browsing the web.

FirstRunFirstRun (Free)

Our generation is becoming health conscious, but yet we aren’t able to follow through our new year resolutions for staying fit or our intention of jogging everyday. Well, to nudge you to start taking your health a little more seriously, you might need some external motivation, which the popular model-turned-actor Gul Panag is hoping could be provided with the FirstRun app. The app claims that by spending just 30 minutes a day for nine weeks you can start running 5km, while experienced runners can run at least 10km. The app has an in-built music player to accompany you along with giving you detailed stats of your run.

FirstRun 1 FirstRun 2 FirstRun 3

Hexy LauncherHexy Launcher (Free)

There’s no dearth of launcher replacement apps available for Android devices, but most of them play with the look-and-feel of the OS and don’t change the basic conventions of the app menu, widgets and folders. But the new app from SwiftKey’s Greenhouse initiative changes that notion. As its name suggests, the app lays out all the apps installed on the handset in different hexagons, with the apps in the centre consisting of frequently-used ones. In case you can’t find the app you’re looking for, you can make use of the app search bar.

Hexy Launcher 1 Hexy Launcher 2 Hexy Launcher 3

Layout from InstagramLayout from Instagram (Free)

In accordance with its name, the newest app from Instagram allows you to create instant layouts by remixing your photos. You can choose photos from your camera roll or capture new ones and you can see them laid out in different ways. The app allows you to use a maximum of nine pictures at a time. You can save the layout in your device or share it over various social networks. What’s more, you can also utilise Instagram’s filters and creative tools on the layout afterwards.

Layout from Instagram 1 Layout from Instagram 2 Layout from Instagram 3

Microsoft Hyperlapse MobileMicrosoft Mobile Hyperlapse (Free)

Most of the flagship smartphones these days support recording time-lapse videos, but if you don’t own such a device, then worry not, you can get the same functionality with the Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app. Along with the option of shooting such a video, the app allows you to convert any existing video into smooth and stablised time lapse. The app also offers the ability to save videos with 2,4,8,16 or even 32 times the normal speed. Along with the rear camera, you can also create such videos with the front camera.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1 Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 3

The app is currently in beta stage, which means you’ll need to join the community to become a tester. Furthermore, the app is available for a limited number of phones such as the recent models in the high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6, OnePlus One, Xiaomi Mi 4, and Moto G among others.

QuizUpQuizUp {Update} (Free)

QuizUp is a popular trivia game, where you play against someone for answering questions on a particular subject. But with the latest update to v2.0, the app has also adopted some social elements, wherein every topic will have its own page where you can share your thoughts with others, you can also view profiles of individual people and if you like them, you can also chat with them or challenge them to a quiz.

QuizUp 1 QuizUp 2 QuizUp 3

RealTimesRealTimes (Free)

RealTimes comes from the same source as the popular video player Real Player and aims to turn your static photos along with videos into one beautiful montage. The app automatically picks the best images and videos from you camera roll and creates the montage, that can be completely customised. You can add titles, special filters and transitions along with choosing the background music. The app also organises your photos and videos in a timeline format.

RealTimes 1 RealTimes 2

ZiffiZiffi (Free)

Smartphones have made our lives easier, and the Ziffi app adds to the list of conveniences offered by them. The app allows you to schedule a doctor appointment or your spa / saloon visit with a single click and without any extra charges. Not just that, it can also help you discover services around your location and you can see user ratings as well. The app also gives you the ability to make transactions for the services with its secure wallet feature.

Ziffi 1 Ziffi 2 Ziffi 3


Breath of LightBreath of Light (Rs 186.17)

If you’re looking for a game that along with fun also calms you down, then try out Breath of Light, an addictive and visually-stunning puzzler. In the title, you need to guide the energy with the help of moving rocks to other flowers. The game also features soothing music by Winterpark to send you in a meditative trance.

Rival Kingdoms- Age of RuinRival Kingdoms : Age of Ruin (Free)

Rival Kingdoms is a strategy-warfare game wherein you have to build a strong base to form a mighty kingdom to defeat your enemies. To help you do so, you can take help from Ancients, Legendary warriors, and even Gods and Monsters that can utilise the forces of nature. You can play the title as a single player or play it like a multiplayer game by joining players from around the world.

We also have another app from Microsoft in this week’s edition, albeit in preview mode. The Microsoft Office app has now added support for mobiles, and you can join its G+ community to become a beta tester.

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