Top Android apps and games of the week #20

This week’s edition includes a beautiful geometry-based puzzle, updated Times of India app and more

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This week we’re raising a toast to Gmail, since it’s the first app to reach the milestone of a billion installations. This is an indication of the app ecosystem becoming bigger and better, and that’s why we bring you a curated list of the best apps and games you should try out every week. Let’s look at the selected ones for this week.

SoundHoundSoundHound {Update} (Free)

Many a times we wonder about the song being played near us, and at those moments, an app like SoundHound come in handy to recognise the name of the track. With the latest update to v6.0, the app has redesigned its song, artist and album pages, offering more information and picture galleries, and thus allowing you to do much more than simply check out the song being played.

SoundHound 1 SoundHound 2 SoundHound 3

SwarmSwarm (Free)

Gone are the days when developers positioned their apps as one-app-to-do-it-all. These days many apps provide a specific use case and try to achieve it perfectly. While the original Foursquare app (also updated) will allow you to discover destinations you want to head to, the new app will offer check-ins functionality, albeit in a refined form. Now, you can use a neighbourhood sharing feature allowing you to constantly share your location with your friends only along with the usual check-ins option. The app also comes with a Plans feature giving users the ability to finalise get-together plans with their friends.

Swarm 1 Swarm 2 Swarm 3

TOITimes of India {Update} (Free)

India’s leading English daily, The Times of India has updated its mobile app offering an entirely new interface and some useful features. The app sports a card-based layout and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. You can also read the content in three colours, as per your preferences – white, black and sepia. Push notifications can be multi-line now and you can configure them in settings.



JoyJoyJoyJoy (Rs 119.48)

There aren’t many twin-stick shooter games (controlling the movement with one finger and shooting with the other), so this game definitely stands out from the crowd. There’s a wave of enemies heading right at you, becoming larger with each passing level and your aim is to kill them all by firing in all directions. Make sure you don’t stop shooting since the enemies’ bullets can be countered by yours. You can also upgrade your weapons along with your ship.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley (Rs 245)

Just after a couple of weeks of its debut on the iTunes store, the stunningly beautiful puzzle game Monument Valley has arrived on Android devices. Your task is to guide a silent princess named Ida by manipulating the seemingly-impossible architecture. While the optical-illusion based gameplay sounds challenging, its pleasing graphics and fantastic architecture also add to its charm.

Striker SoccerStriker Soccer 2 (Free)

The sequel to the hit Striker Soccer, this game brings some added features on top of its soccer-based gameplay. You’re tasked with creating your own team by choosing from more than 300 real teams across 15 leagues. You also have to manage your team by buying players, so that you can win. The game can be played in two modes – the competition mode has typical league matches and you have to win them all to win the tournament. There’s a career mode too, where you have to create your team from scratch and take it to the topmost level.

Striker Soccer 2 Striker Soccer 1

Summoner WarsSummoner Wars (Free)

If you like card-based games, then this one deserves your attention. It’s a fantasy card game, where you will be acting as a Summoner. You’ll have to defeat the summoned warriors of the opponents in the battlefield. You can chose the warriors from different factions, although only one faction is available by default and others are available as in-app purchase. The game can be played against the computer or against others online.

Summoner Wars 1 Summoner Wars 2

So that ends this week’s edition – certainly looking like a treat for gamers. We’ll be back next week to bring you more interesting and useful apps and games.

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