Top Android apps and games of the week #20

While we are moving in an app-only world, it’s interesting that the popular messaging service WhatsApp, which is used by over a billion users, has introduced desktop apps. Yes, after WhatsApp Web, now you can use the service via a native app, available for both Windows and Mac OS. Only time will tell if other popular apps will follow suit, but for now, let’s check out the top apps and games for your mobile devices. This week we have a music player, updates to some popular apps, a game and more.

foobar2000foobar2000 (Free)

foobar2000 is a popular music player for desktop power users, and now it’s making its way to Android devices. The app supports all music formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, etc. along with support for gapless playback. It also has a ReplayGain feature to ensure same loudness levels for audio files, and thus offers a better listening experience.

foobar2000 1 foobar2000 2 foobar2000 3

EvernoteEvernote {Update} (Free)

Evernote has become one of the most popular productivity apps, and with the integration of Google Drive, it’s making it easier for users to access their files from Google’s cloud service without even leaving the app. The integration allows you to access all your Google Drive content from Evernote itself, and any changes in a particular document will also reflect in both the apps. The feature is currently available in beta, before being rolled out commercially to all users.

Evernote   Google Drive

Google TranslateGoogle Translate {Update} (Free)

Google’s Translate app is one of the best ways to translate text in any language, and over the years, it has received a lot of updates making it more useful. But the latest one might be its biggest yet – instead of the usual method of copying text from the app you’re currently using and then pasting it into the Translate app, you can now translate directly, all thanks to a floating button that translates any text detected on your clipboard. The button offers a pop-up view of the translation on top of the app you are currently using, which means that you don’t even need to exit the app you’re currently using. This makes translations quicker and more seamless.

Google Translate 1

InstagramInstagram {Update} (Free)

Instagram has just been updated with a radical new icon. Instead of the old-school camera icon, it now features a colourful and flat icon. The same change has also been reflected in other apps in Instagram’s family – Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout. The app has also updated its interface, which sports a black-and-white UI. While the buttons and navigation remains the same, the UI feels refreshingly different, and brings an instant focus to photos and videos.

Instagram 1 Instagram 2 Instagram 3

quickReplyquickReply (Free)

One of the most interesting features of the upcoming Android N is the ability to quickly reply to messages from the notification drawer. But you don’t need to wait for Android N to get this functionality, as you can get it right now with the quickReply app. It works with Android’s notification monitoring service and gives you two options with every message – reply and direct. While the former lets you respond, the latter lets you choose from predefined responses. The app works with most messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, and WeChat among others.

quickReply 1 quickReply 2 quickReply 3

ShotoShoto {Update} (Free)

We featured Shoto when it debuted on the Play Store since it made it extremely easy for friends to share their pictures, and with its latest update, it’s going a step further. With a feature called ‘Album Swap’, the app will automagically swap pictures and videos between friends’ phones by categorising them into various albums. The app utilises artificial intelligence and data from Facebook, your phonebook, etc. to suggest which photos are relevant for you.

Shoto 1 Shoto 2 Shoto 3


Bejeweled StarsBejeweled Stars (Free)

Bejeweled is a classic game, and Bejeweled Stars is a modern take on this title. The basics of the game remain the same – you have to match three similar gems, but there are several interesting twists and challenges. You can also earn and share Bejeweled charms along with collecting SkyGems to get special powers. With the simple-yet-addictive gameplay and colourful graphics, the game is fun to play for hours.

Bejeweled Stars 1 Bejeweled Stars 2 Bejeweled Stars 3

That brings us an end to this week’s edition. We’ll be back next week to showcase another selection of apps and games for your Android devices.

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