Top Android apps and games of the Week #20

The Google Play Store has grown beyond just a storefront to download apps and games, and it’s latest feature does indicate that. In a bid to keep the fans excited, it has added an option of pre-registering for an upcoming app or game. The first title to receive such capability is Terminator Genisys: Revolution. Of course, we’ll keep you apprised once the game is out, but till then, let’s check out which apps and games are our picks for this week.

BleepBleep (Free)

Bleep is popular torrent service BitTorrent’s take on real-time messaging by offering a simple, secure and private platform. The alpha version of the app was already available to users, but now it has been introduced for everyone to use. Along with the usual features of text messaging and voice calls, Bleep also offers an interesting option called Whisper, which allows the message(s) to be deleted as soon as they are read. Another interesting option that the app provides is that users can choose to sign up anonymously if they don’t want to sign up with their email or phone number.

Bleep 1 Bleep 2 Bleep 3

CogxioCogxio (Free)

Unlike casual dating apps, Cogxio (formerly DateIITians) is built for Indian users with privacy and authentic profiles as its key features. The app ensures that there are no random people by asking users to sign up with their Facebook profiles and then verify their identities. The app shows a real-time map of like-minded people in the vicinity of the user and they can send a 140-character message to the person of their liking. It also has various other features such as Express crush, ability to connect with Bluetooth even without the internet, etc.

Cogxio 1 Cogxio 2 Cogxio 3

DilboleDilbole (Free)

Dilbole is a social shopping app, allowing users to bookmark their favourite apparel, lifestyle items, etc. on various ecommerce websites and make their shopping lists. You can also create different collections, and set them as public or private. While all this makes the app an excellent option for having a personalised list, what adds a social element to it is the fact that you can see trending products which are loved by many users along with the option to follow others. You can also share products / collections through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Dilbole 1 Dilbole 2 Dilbole 3

Google FitGoogle Fit {Update} (Free)

Google’s activity-tracking app has just received an update, which allows it to display the calories burned by the user. The app estimates the same by tracking steps and profile details (gender, age, height and weight). It has also made it easier for users to monitor health improvement by offering the option to group activities by days, weeks or months. Lastly, the app can be used as a widget on the homescreen and it’ll also be available as a watch face, which is a great option for Android Wear users to see their activities at a glance.

Google Fit 1 Google Fit 2 Google Fit 3

Nova LauncherNova Launcher {Update} (Free)

Nova Launcher is amongst the top choices for users who want to tweak the interface on their Android devices. The app offers tons of options for the same, and with its latest update, it has just got better. It sports the Material Design interface to complement Android 5.0 Lollipop (although the app can be installed on devices running v4.1 and up) and comes with new icons, more animations, individual icon layout settings, etc.

Nova Launcher 1 Nova Launcher 2 Nova Launcher 3

Zomato OrderZomato Order (Free)

As soon as the popular restaurant discovery service forayed into food delivery, it has unbundled itself to launch another app for the purpose. This offers a better experience to users as they can use the original app for discovering places for eating out, while the new app dubbed Zomato Order can be used for getting the food delivered, along with not complicating things for them with all the options in a single app. The app is currently available for users in Delhi NCR, but will soon be available for Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata.

Zomato Order 1 Zomato Order 2 Zomato Order 3


Fruit Ninja Academy- Math MasterFruit Ninja Academy: Math Master (Rs 328.54)

The developers behind the popular game Fruit Ninja have now launched a new app called Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master. As the name suggests, the game is aimed at children from five to seven years of age and let them have fun while learning mathematics. Playing the game will introduce them to the concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication, numbers, sequences and shapes. It also logs all the progress, so that parents can track the development of their kids.

SeabeardSeabeard (Free)

Seabeard is a charming game which has just launched for Android devices, after garnering great reviews for its iOS edition. While the game has an interesting story, there isn’t any mission to accomplish as you live the life of Captain Seabeard and you can enjoy that the way you want. You can make new friends from the tribes of Doza, Yorubo and Nook, recruit an expert crew for activities like sailing, fishing, combat and cookery and of course, set sail and explore the vast sea while also encountering challenges like feeding whales, rescuing shipwrecked passengers, etc.

Snake RewindSnake Rewind (Free)

Before the advent of smartphones, playing Snake on our good ol’ Nokia phones was one of the favourite pastimes for many of us. Well, you can go back to those days on your touchscreen phones now too, as the creator of the game has joined hands with Rumilus Design to introduce a revamped version of the title. While the premise of the game remains the same, it has updated visuals, nice background music and many new features. The game offers over 10 levels of fun, and you can also connect your Facebook friends to compete against them in leaderboard rankings.

Before we sign off, you will be delighted to know that WhatsApp’s Material Design update is now available for everyone, so make sure you have updated to the latest version.

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