Top Android apps and games of the week #2

A week is a long time in the world of technology, especially if the week witnessed a massive tech event like CES, where established brands and startups alike introduced a wide variety of gadgets. But amidst all the gadget announcements, there are quite a few apps or games that were launched or updated on the Play Store, and hence deserve your attention. That’s why we bring you a curated list of top apps and games, every week. Let’s begin.

Camera MXCamera MX {Update} (Free)

If the Cupertino giant Apple adds a new technology or feature to its smartphones, chances are it becomes a standard soon and other manufacturers start following suit. That’s what seems to be happening with Apple’s Live Photos feature, which can now be captured on your Android devices too by downloading the latest update to Camera MX. Dubbed as Live Shot, the option enables you to capture a footage of a few seconds, giving you a dynamic view of the scenario, instead of a simple still image. The app also lets you save a particular scene from the Live Shot as a standalone picture, or save it as a video in MP4 format.

Camera MX 1 Camera MX 2 Camera MX 3

HumanHuman (Free)

We’re pretty sure that being more health-conscious would be among your top resolutions for the year 2016, and if you want an app to help you keep a track of the same, then Human comes across as an interesting option. Unlike dedicated activity-tracking apps, Human tracks your whole day in the background and automatically picks up when you’re walking, running or riding a cycle. It also shows all your activities on a map and let’s you compare yourself with people in your city or neighbourhood.

Human 1 Human 2 Human 3

LastPassLastPass {Update} (Free)

LastPass is one of the most popular apps for password management, and its latest update to v4.0 bring even more useful features. The first change is its revamped design to match Google’s Material Design language. A new feature called Emergency Access would let users share their LastPass vault with their loved ones in case of an emergency. The update has also made improvements to automatic filling in Chrome.

LastPass 1 LastPass 2 LastPass 3

NetflixNetflix {Update} (Free)

Well, Netflix wasn’t exactly updated this week as far as its app is concerned, but the reason it gets a mention is that the popular streaming service is now available in India. The service offers a wide range of content ranging from TV shows to movies, and even Bollywood films to the subscribers. While the first month is free, users would need to subscribe to Netflix for streaming its content.

Netflix 1 Netflix 2 Netflix 3


SwapSwap (Free)

Swap is a never-ending space adventure game, where you’ll be helping Squiggle and Buten to collect as many stars as possible by matching colours. Of course, there’d be several obstacles on the way, which you’ll need to avoid by swapping positions or merging both Squigle and Buten together to create mystical Squibbit. With its simple gameplay and interesting graphics, the game is extremely fun to play.

Worms 4Worms 4 (Rs 199.99)

Worms is one of the longest-running game series, as it has launched a number of titles in 20 years of its existence. Worms 4 largely follows similar gameplay as its predecessors – players would be taking control of a worm armed with weapons to kill opponents. The game has impressive visuals and also offer multiplayer capabilities. Its 80+ missions will keep you occupied for quite a bit.

Before we bid adieu this week, check the latest update to Google Fit, which now lets you initiate various activities from your Android Wear-based smartwatch.

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