Top Android apps and games of the week #19

Apps are what make our smartphones smart, yet many people aren’t able to buy paid ones or pay for subscriptions since they don’t use debit or credit cards. To tackle this issue, Google recently partnered with Idea Cellular to let users pay for the apps via their phone accounts. The company will tie up with more mobile operators, as this would allow for friction-less payments. This is certainly great news for Android users. But finding which apps are worthy of your time and money isn’t an easy task, and that’s why we bring you a curated selection of titles every week. Read on to find out this week’s picks.

BuySell TicketsBuySell Tickets (Free)

In accordance with its name, BuySell Tickets makes it extremely easy for users to sell extra movie tickets and vice versa. The app has a beautiful UI and lets you filter movies by name, showtime, language, etc. Once you have decided the movie you would like to watch, you can chat with the seller to get the tickets. Currently, the app is available in Chennai, and will be rolled out in other cities soon.

BuySell Tickets 1 BuySell Tickets 2 BuySell Tickets 3

EvernoteEvernote {Update} (Free)

One of our favourite note-taking apps, Evernote, has become more useful with its latest update. New features in the note editor allow you to strikethrough text, or add subscripts and superscripts. For scanning documents, it now has two modes – automatic and manual, with the former detecting the size of the photo by itself. If you’re a premium user, then the app will automatically detect business card scans, and save them accordingly.

Evernote 1 Evernote 2 Evernote 3

FacebookFacebook {Update} (Free)

The social network is leaping forward with its vision of becoming more than just a place where people share social updates. With Live, it aims to become the go-to destination for videos and beat YouTube at its own game, along with other live-broadcasting apps. The feature was introduced for iOS last month, and now it’s available for Android users as well. The Live tab would not only let users stream their videos but watch all the videos at one place, classified nicely into various topics. The feature is being rolled out to everyone gradually.

Facebook 1 Facebook 2 Facebook 3

Google KeyboardGoogle Keyboard {Update} (Free)

Google’s Keyboard app got a massive update to version 5.0 this week. Among the biggest upgrades is the ability to use the keyboard in the one-hand mode. To enable the mode, all you need to do is to long-press the comma key, and settings let you choose whether you want it on the left or right side. You can also change the layout of the keyboard, such as the option to adjust its size, choose the theme with borders around keys, etc. Lastly, the Alphabet-owned company has also improved gesture typing, letting you choose suggested words easily or delete the recently-typed word.

Google Keyboard 1 Google Keyboard 2 Google Keyboard 3

Google SlidesGoogle Slides {Update} (Free)

Slides from the internet titan have become more than just an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. The latest update drives that point even strongly, as it offers an easy way for the audience to ask questions from the presenter. The audience can easily ask questions by clicking on the link available at the top of the slide deck, and others can vote it so that presenter can sort them on the basis of the vote count. The app has also got a new laser pointer feature.

Google Slides 1 Google Slides 2 Google Slides 3

Opera MiniOpera Mini {Update} (Free)

Opera is one of the most popular browsers available for mobile devices, with its Mini version catering to the users with poor internet connectivity. To ensure even smoother experience, the latest update offers users the ability to enable ad blocking. As per Opera, this will load web pages up to 40 percent faster.

Opera Mini 1 Opera Mini 2 Opera Mini 3

The Rock ClockThe Rock Clock (Free)

Tried so many alarm apps and still unable to wake up in the morning? Well, this app promises to be different as it comes from the popular star Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock. The Rock Clock has 25 alarm tones selected by the wrestler cum Hollywood star himself, and to motivate you, you’ll also get video messages daily. To ensure that you wake up, the app doesn’t have any snooze button at all.

The Rock Clock 1 The Rock Clock 2 The Rock Clock 3

QuikQuik (Free)

GoPro is known for its action cameras, but the company is now going beyond hardware with its latest app dubbed Quik. It’s a video-editing app, which automatically takes the best of your photos or videos, and stitches them together to create a clip, with beautiful transitions and effects, as well as music. You can edit the photo sequence or trim the video as per your liking, along with adjusting font, filters and more. You can save the videos in 720p or 1080p resolution, and share them directly on apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Quik 1 Quik 2 Quik 3


Battleborn TapBattleborn Tap (Free)

Battleborn is a popular game for PCs and consoles, and now it’s available for mobile devices to give its fans a chance to play it on the go. However, it’s not a complete port and has been optimised for touchscreens. You’ll be commanding a squad of heroes on the battlefield with the control being your tap through the finger. You can hire more heroes for your army, collect the loot after defeating the enemies and upgrade the weapons and abilities of your heroes.

Battleborn Tap 1 Battleborn Tap 2 Battleborn Tap 3

MARVEL Avengers Academy (Civil Wars update)MARVEL Avengers Academy (Free)

With Captain America: Civil War hitting theatres this week, MARVEL has updated its Avengers Academy with the limited-time Civil War update. While Iron Man and Captain America continue fighting off each other with their respective comrades, the actual danger is from Red Skull and Madame Hydra. You can join any faction you want, but  amidst the face-off between the superheroes, you’ve to ensure that you and your team are able to defeat Hydra.

 MARVEL Avengers Academy (Civil Wars update) 2 MARVEL Avengers Academy (Civil Wars update) 3

If you’ve subscribed to Netflix or are on the edge whether to buy the subscription or not due to high data charges, then the latest update to the app lets you control the quality of the video, which in turn reduces the data consumption.

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