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The smartness in your smartphone comes from the utilities offered by multitude of apps. So, if you’re wondering which app should deserve your attention, then you’re at the right place as we bring to you a curated list of the best apps and games of the week. This week we have messaging services, popular browser Firefox and addictive games lined up for you.

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger {Update} (Free)

The messaging app from the social network giant has received a huge update in its latest version, 5.0. Though the visual aesthetics remain the same, it gets many new capabilities such as the ability to share images from within the app right after clicking. The IM has also made it easier to share images, videos and voice messages and even play videos. Additionally, it has a new row of icons providing quick access to inserting media content and stickers in the chat.

Facebook Messenger 1 Facebook Messenger 2 Facebook Messenger 3

FirefoxFirefox Browser {Update} (Free)

Keeping in line with the makeover Firefox received for its desktop avatar with version 29, the popular browser has also been updated for mobile devices. The biggest change is the syncing feature between the mobile browser and the desktop with a Firefox account. Other features include quick share buttons, a progress bar instead of a throbber, custom panel controls and more.

Firefox 1 Firefox 2 Firefox 3

Google DocsGoogle Docs (Free)

The internet titan has unbundled its Google Drive cloud app, giving users the ability to create, edit and collaborate on their documents with the Docs app. It’s not much different from the Drive app except for the ability to quickly access documents. Along with the Docs app, Google has also made available its Sheets app for spreadsheets with the promise of bringing Slides for presentations soon. However, these are barebones apps which are useful for viewing and basic collaboration… don’t depend upon them for foolproof editing features.

Google Docs 1 Google Docs 2

SnapchatSnapchat {Update} (Free)

The ephemerality pioneer Snapchat is going beyond disappearing photos with this latest update. Now it allows you to chat and as expected, the messages will go away as soon as you leave the chat screen. You can also make an impromptu video call to the person you’re chatting with and unlike the usual apps, the other person will not get any prompt for the call. Your face will appear instantaneously on the other person’s device only if they are also active in the chat and they can decide whether they want to join the chat or not.

Snapchat 1 Snapchat 2 Snapchat 3 (Rs 181.67) started with the mission of improving one’s vocabulary and with its Android app, the service makes sure that it also reaches a growing number of smartphone users. What makes the service even more addictive is that you learn new words while answering questions. Apart from this, it also serves as a dictionary and provides usage examples, as well. The best part is that it learns your aptitude over time and tailors the questions accordingly.

Vocabulary 1 Vocabulary 2 Vocabulary 3



If you’re bored of regular racing games, then give anti-gravity racing game FLASHOUT 2 a try. Sequel to the popular FLASHOUT 3D game, its premise is simple – drive your way to victory with the help of ultra-fast ships having the ability of using weapons like rockets and guns. It offers interesting game modes ranging from multiplayer to destruction, and elimination playable on 10 different circuits.

SnailboySnailboy (Free)

Snailboy is on a quest to find the perfect shell and collect them all in a shell-pack. Unfortunately, one day he is ambushed by a group of thieves who take this shell-pack and now your job is to help Snailboy in getting his prized possession back. The game features visually appealing graphics and over 40 levels of fun.

So go ahead and download these apps and games, but also check out the updated Pushbullet app. It has been given a visual overhaul and gets the ability to push anything to everyone at once.

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