Top Android apps and games of the week #18

Google’s Play Store is growing at a rapid pace, and the company is trying to make it as user-friendly as possible. The latest update will mention it up front if apps or games contain ads. Users will be able to see the Ad label on the icon, and they will also see ‘Contains ads’ in the app description. But if you’re wondering about the apps you should be checking out on the Play Store, then we’ve made a list of titles that were launched or got a major update this week. So, let’s begin.

CloudMagicCloudMagic {Update} (Free)

CloudMagic is one of the most popular third-party email clients, and with the latest update, it has become quite useful. Now it’ll show you sender profiles of the person who emails you, which means that you’d be able to know more about them without even leaving the app. The profiles include their job title, organisation details, location, along with their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

CloudMagic 1 CloudMagic 2 CloudMagic 3

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar {Update} (Free)

If you’re a user of Google for Education or Work, then you’ll love the latest update to the Calendar app from the internet giant. It has made scheduling meetings extremely easy since you all you need to do now is to choose Find a time. The option automatically finds best meeting times for everyone, irrespective of their time zones, and the times when the people usually have meetings. In case, there are no times that can work, then the app will look for meetings that can easily be rescheduled.

Google Calendar

RadonRadon (Free)

If you’re looking for the easiest and fastest way to share links or some selected text with your friends nearby, then Radon is a must have application. The app uses Google’s Nearby API to make the transfer, which is a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and near-ultrasonic audio. For doing this, you simply need to use Android’s standard share menu and choose the Radon app. While others should have the app installed, the best part is that they don’t need to be tethered to the same network, and you can share links with multiple people at once.

Radon 1 Radon 2 Radon 3

TaleHuntTaleHunt (Free)

Micro fiction has become quite a buzzword these days, i.e., a story which is built for the age of Facebook and Twitter, and is short yet hard hitting. While people can do that directly through Facebook or Twitter, the new app called TaleHunt makes it even easier to write such stories. The app is targeted at both readers and writers, with each story having a maximum of 250 characters. The stories can also be classified with the use of appropriate tags.

TaleHunt 1 TaleHunt 2 TaleHunt 3


Angry Birds ActionAngry Birds Action (Free)

Angry Birds might have started losing its sheen by now, but the makers behind it are trying to bring the attention back to the animated birds and evil pigs with the new game as well as a movie. The new game is dubbed Angry Birds Action, and it’s based on the upcoming movie. Its basics have also been tweaked slightly – instead of a slingshot, the birds dash through the obstacles akin to pinball arcade games. The title offers over 90 levels of fun.

Illiilli (Free)

If you’re looking for a game in the platformer genre, then Illi is worth trying out. It’s a puzzler along with being a platformer and you play as illi. You have to jump your way in the world where gravity follows you. You can bend the fabrics of the world and perform gravity-defying jumps. The title has 60 levels offering more than 170 quests. The surreal graphics add to its charm.

The World of DotsThe World of Dots (Free)

With the disappearance of ancients, the structured world has now become the world of dots. This results in an interesting puzzle game which is inspired from Rubik’s cube, as you have to rebuild the world. You can tap between four dots to rotate them clockwise and you have to link all the dots to complete the puzzle. Your goal is to complete the level in a minimum number of turns.

You’ll also like the latest update to the Facebook app, which has made it easier for users to type in Hindi.

Facebook Comments
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