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A lot can happen in a week. The fast-moving world of tech, especially the ever-growing Android ecosystem, is a telling example of this fact. While hardware side of the things saw the launch of devices like the Micromax Canvas Doodle 3, HTC’s trio of the One (M8), Desire 816 and Desire 210, along with the so-called Nexus-killer, the OnePlus One, apps also kept the Play Store abuzz. Let’s take a look at the top apps and games, which are worth your attention this week.

ARSAuto-Response SMS (Free)

If you liked the functionalities offered by the Assist app on the Moto X and Moto G, then you’ll be glad to know that another app can give some of those capabilities to your non-Motorola device as well. As its name suggests, the app can automatically send a reply to missed calls. The reply can be preselected from a set of five templates given in the app. Simply turn on the app when you want this feature and let it do its magic.

ARS 1 ARS 2  ARS 3

You can gain more control over the replies including the ability to send different messages to different numbers by ponying up for the paid version of the app.

ConfideConfide (Free)

If social was the buzzword the last few years, then this is the time of anonymity and ephemerality pushed forward by apps like Whisper and Snapchat. Confide takes the same concept to the next level by ensuring that the message sent is deleted as soon as it’s read, without giving the opportunity to even capture a screenshot. With read receipts, you also get the confirmation whenever your message has been read by the recipient.

Confide 1 Confide 2  Confide 3

HangoutsHangouts {Update} (Free)

The Android 4.4 KitKat update brought a lot of capabilities to the platform including a major feature addition for Hangouts. In a bid to make it a one-stop app that people use for messaging, Google merged the SMS and chat messages into it. However, it confused users since the text messages and IMs from the same person resulted in two different conversations. Not anymore, as version 2.1 of the app enables you to send SMSes and instant messages from the same conversation itself.

Hangouts 1 Hangouts 2  Hangouts 3

There are some other changes including improved calling and homescreen widgets. Read all about the latest update here.


IFTTT puts the internet to work for you and with its app, this power come to your trusty ‘droid as well. The service has added six Android-related channels: devices settings, location, notifications, SMS, phone calls, and photos. This app can come in handy for automating tasks like putting your device to silent when it’s connected to a particular Wi-Fi network, set your phone wallpaper to your latest Instagram photo, create Google Calendar reminders when you miss a call, etcetera.


Opera BrowserOpera {Update} (Free)

One of the most popular mobile browsers, Opera brings several enhancements and fixes with the latest update. You can get a quick glance to latest news with the revamped Discover feature and use Password Manager for logging into numerous websites. The browser has also fixed the screen rendering issues which popped up often while rotating the screen or bringing up the keyboard.

Opera Browser 1 Opera Browser 2  Opera Browser 3

SavvyMobSavvyMob (Free)

Summer vacations are approaching soon and many of you would have made plans to enjoy the time with our family. But if you missed out on hotel bookings for your stay, don’t worry as this app helps to find you last-minute deals. Along with accommodation, the app also lets you find great places for eating out. The best part is that you can book the hotel from your mobile device itself.

SavvyMob (1) SavvyMob (2)  SavvyMob (3)

In its first iteration, the app is limited to popular cities like Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Pondicherry, etc. On a sidenote, if you’re planning your vacations this year, make sure you go through our comprehensive travel apps list to ensure that you plan them smartly.

Today CalendarToday Calendar (Free)

If you like the stock calendar app available on Android for your appointments and meetings, but are put off by its bland interface, then Today Calendar is the perfect app for you. It takes the feature-set of the stock app and adds a beautiful design. To give you quick look of your schedule, it has an all-in-one view offering month view and your agenda together. The app also comes with useful homescreen widgets.

Today Calendar 1 Today Calendar 2  Today Calendar 3


Abyss AttackAbyss Attack (Free)

Belonging to the endless gaming genre, the Abyss Attack require players to drive a submarine underwater while shooting every blob coming towards it. You can also slide around the screen to save yourself from them or tap the screen to attack them. The game offers visually pleasing graphics and more than 87 missions to keep you busy.

Farmville 2FarmVille 2: Country Escape (Free)

Yes, it’s the sequel to the game which went so viral that you might have got countless invitations from your friends everyday on Facebook to play it. But since the world is going mobile, the developers have ported this game to smartphones as well. If you are familiar with the gameplay of the desktop version, you’ll find that it’s pretty much the same where you have to grow your farm by planting crops, feeding animals, and selling items among other things.

Mini WarriorsMini Warriors (Free)

Don’t go by its name, these mini warriors are small in size only, not in action. Lead the army of Algers to world domination by training them. Your army can have as many as 1,000 of these warriors which can be commanded over by 50 heroes varying from swordsmen to archers. You can also upgrade skills of your heroes and with their help, aim to win 200+ battles.

Mini Warriors 1 Mini Warriors 2

Smash Bandits RacingSmash Bandits Racing (Free)

Ever wished how much fun it’d be to drive your vehicle non-stop and recklessly without bothering about the traffic? Well, this game can definitely give you sense of how much fun it would be. However, make sure that you’re able to outrun the cops before they catch you. Another interesting thing is that you don’t have to follow a particular route to win the race. Plus the more destruction you cause, your ratings will go higher, recorded by TV helicopters.

Before we close this week’s edition, there’s good news for you if you own a Sony Xperia device. Sony’s new Background defocus app is the Japanese giant’s take on the Lens Blur feature introduced by Google Camera and several other handset manufacturers recently, and now you can enjoy it on your device too.

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