Top Android apps and games of the week #17

As per a report, the Google Play Store surpassed an important milestone of 2 million apps in its library in February 2016. The number is surely impressive, considering the digital storefront crossed 1 million apps in July 2013, and it doesn’t seem that the growth will slow down any time soon. But with so many apps and games on offer, how do you know which ones are worth your time. Well, that’s where our weekly wrap-up of top apps and games come in, as we bring you a curated selection of titles that deserve your attention. So, read on to find this week’s picks.

10times10times {Update} (Free)

Wondering if you could see what’s happening in your city – events, concerts, workshops, et al – at one place? 10times is an app that lets you find just that with its simplistic interface. The app covers over 140 countries, and brings forth events from more than 100 industries. With the latest update, the app allows you to create your own profile, so that it can recommend you events according to your preferences. You can also add multiple cities, or search for events via their code.

10times 1 10times 2 10times 3


Gifs have come a long way from being an image format to the best way to reflect your emotions. GIPHY, which is one of the largest repository of gifs, have made it even easier to find them on mobile devices with its app. Earlier, the mobile app was just available to be used with Facebook Messenger, but now it can be used independently. You can save the gifs to your phone, and of course, share them with others via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook among others.


Google KeepGoogle Keep {Update} (Free)

While there are a few note-taking apps, Google’s Keep app has made a name for itself with its minimalistic approach. However, if you think it’s too basic for your needs, then the latest additions might make you change your mind. First up, you can now save entire webpages or a part of them in the note. You can also organise notes in a better manner by using hashtags. For instance, you can use #work for all your work-related notes, which will make it easier to find all of them at one place.

Google Keep 1

Inbox by GmailInbox by Gmail {Update} (Free)

Inbox app might be Gmail’s alternative from Google, but the search titan is continuously updating it with smarts to eventually replace the main app. The latest version is advanced enough to track all the events, and the changes in their date and time to give you at-a-glance view. The update has also made it easier to preview the newsletters with their links present up front. Lastly, you can save various web links to the Inbox, so that you can read them later. Google has also released a Chrome extension as well, for enabling this capability.

Inbox by Gmail 1Inbox by Gmail 2

Juggernaut BooksJuggernaut Books (Free)

Today’s era is referred to as a ‘mobile-first world’, where each service is primarily built for the mobile screens and users of such devices. So, it’s interesting that there aren’t many reading apps / services have been built from the ground up for this purpose. Juggernaut Books aims to change that, as it’s been optimised for mobile screens. The company is also a publisher of books, and all of them have been kept short to cater to the comparatively lesser attention span of readers. The books have been priced economically, and readers can also opt for monthly subscription to read any number of titles.

Juggernaut Books 1 Juggernaut Books 2 Juggernaut Books 3

KaizalaKaizala (Free)

There are quite a few apps who have made inter-team communication better with chats, and Kaizala also enables the same along with some interesting options. Team members can chat separately or there could be different groups for various projects, but that’s not it, people can also chat with those who are outside their business. Users can submit their bills in the app, share images or their location with others.

Kaizala 1 Kaizala 2 Kaizala 3

Facebook MessengerMessenger {Update} (Free)

Facebook’s Messenger app has become a platform in itself, with the addition of features like chatbots. But that’s not it, the social networking giant is adding new features to its stable. The latest feature to make its way to the chat service is the ability of group calling. At any point of time, the app can let you talk to up to 50 participants. The best part is that if some members have missed the initial call, they can still join in, if the call is still in process.

Facebook Messenger 1 Facebook Messenger 2


TormentumTormentum – Dark Sorrow (Rs 333.33)

In the title, you play as a nameless person, who doesn’t remember his name or where he comes from. You’ll have to help him to find the truth about the world around him, as well as finding about himself. Tormentum falls in the point-and-click genre and offers incredible graphics with dark theme. It has three realms, offering 75 stages and a number of puzzles during the course of the game.

Warhammer 40,000- FreebladeWarhammer 40,000: Freeblade (Free)

The game revolves around a young imperial knight whose empire was destroyed by the forces of Chaos, and he joins the Dark Angels Space Marine as a Freeblade. You have to command your Freeblade to win back your house. The game offers 170 missions and high-def 3D graphics. Players can also compete with each other globally.

That brings us to an end to this week’s edition. Don’t forget to come back next week to discover another set of must-have titles for your Android devices.

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