Top Android apps and games of the week #16

Facebook recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and within a decade, has come a long way from being a just social network to becoming one of the largest tech companies. Today, it’s not just a place to share your daily updates, but also an instant messaging service (WhatsApp and Facebook messenger), photo-sharing social network (Instagram) and a virtual reality headset manufacturer (Oculus) among others in its fold. This week’s F8 conference gave us a peek at several other things the company is working upon. But if you’re more interested in a lowdown of top apps and games that entered or got a major refresh on the Play Store, you’re at the right place. This week, we’ve got titles ranging from a performance-boosting app to a gesture-driven photo manager and a couple of games. So, let’s begin.

HTC Boost Boost+ (Free)

This week, HTC not only announced its flagship, the 10, but it also released a new app dubbed Boost+ for Android devices. As the name suggests, the app helps to boost the performance of your phone by cleaning temporary files, installers, etc. along with freeing up RAM and saving battery power. It’ll also suggest apps that you haven’t used in a long time that can be uninstalled. You can also lock certain apps, so that they open only with a passcode.

HTC Boost  1 HTC Boost  2 HTC Boost  3

The app works for all mobile devices, but it’s in the Beta stage currently.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar {Update} (Free)

Sticking to your goals isn’t easy, especially with ever-changing daily schedules. Google knows this and hence it has added a new feature in its Calendar app. Unlike other to-do apps, the best part with Google Calendar is that it already knows your daily schedule, and automatically suggests the best time to achieve your goal(s) without disturbing any other meetings / tasks. For setting up a goal, the app will ask you how often you’d like to repeat it and what would be the best time for the same, and then it’ll take over from there.

Google Calendar goals

DropboxDropbox {Update} (Free)

Facebook’s Messenger app has become a platform in itself, and more and more companies are integrating with it. The latest to do so is the popular cloud service Dropbox. Now users would be able to share Dropbox files with each other on the Messenger app. While files will appear as a link, in case of an image or a video, you’ll be able to preview it in the chat window itself.

Facebook Messenger - Dropbox integration

SlideboxSlidebox (Free)

Slidebox can be best described as Tinder for photos, as the app makes it extremely easy to organise your images. You can decide with simple swipes whether you want to keep a certain photo or not. You can also compare duplicate and similar photos in full screen, and organise them into various albums.

Slidebox 1 Slidebox 2 Slidebox 3

QuoteQuote (Free)

If you’re looking for a simplistic feed reader, give Quote a try. Released by the developer behind the popular app Fenix, Quote integrates with Feedly and Innoredear accounts. It offers a full-screen reading experience with minimal interface. It also supports dark and light themes, along with offline support. Additionally, it has support for various gestures for navigation as well as reading.

Quote 1 Quote 2 Quote 3


SlideBall XtremeSlideBall Xtreme (Free)

The game sounds simple enough, but is extremely addictive and difficult as you level up. The objective is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. To help you do the same you can draw various lines, or even curves that can act as a ramp for the ball, but you need to avoid various obstacles on the way. Another important thing to note is that drawing will take up some energy, so you’ll need to top up with energy bars along the way.

Toby- The Secret MineToby: The Secret Mine (Rs 279.99)

The title falls in the platformer genre, wherein you step into the shoes of a little Tony who is trying to rescue his fellow villagers who seemed to have been kidnapped. It has eerie storyline with challenging puzzles and incredible graphics. All the environments have been handcrafted and the game ensures that the various puzzles keep you engaged.

Before we sign off, do check out updates to Telegram and Yahoo Mail. While Telegram has revamped its interface, Yahoo Mail now lets you share files from Dropbox and Google Drive, along with offering support for GIFs. Google has also updated its Maps app for providing live traffic alerts in India.

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