Top Android apps and games of the week #15

This week,we have some interesting apps for your Android devices… including one that promises to improve your notifications experience and another that aims to become your entertainment destination, plus many more. We also have a much-anticipated Reddit app, along with a game to keep you busy over the weekend. So, without further ado, here are top Android apps and games of the week.

NevolutionNevolution (Free)

Android’s biggest strength is its customisation, and it also offers lots of options for notifications. Sadly, not many developers utilise them to their full potential, and Nevolution aims to change that. It’s an open platform that promises to improve your notification experience with a variety of plugins. Users would also be able to exercise greater control over the notifications received on their Android Wear smartwatches. Currently, the app supports plugins that bundles all the notifications together, disable heads-up notifications or split WhatsApp conversations into separate notifications, among others.

Nevolution 1 Nevolution 2

Microsoft OutlookOutlook {Update} (Free)

Microsoft wants to make its Outlook email app do more than just handle emails. With the new feature called Calendar apps, the app can integrate with Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist to bring calendars and to-dos at one place. This means, you’d be able to RSVP to upcoming Facebook events directly from Outlook, for instance. Similarly, you can see Wunderlist to-dos in the calendar view of the Outlook app.

Microsoft Outlook 1 Microsoft Outlook 2 Microsoft Outlook 3

RedditReddit (Free)

Reddit is one of the most popular websites out there, where users can share anything from the interwebs and have discussions. With most users accessing it from their mobile phones, the company has finally introduced its official mobile app. It offers a slick interface, letting you browse your favourite communities, and submit your comments, images, links, etc. You can also customise the app with various themes and choose between compact and card views.

Reddit 1 Reddit 2 Reddit 3

ShakeSpeakShakeSpeak (Free)

SwiftKey, which has become popular with its predictive next word recognition technology, is now applying its know-how to other things. ShakeSpeak lets users type like Shakespeare by using words like thee, thou, etc. It’ll also autocomplete famous phrases such as “To be or not to be” and “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

ShakeSpeak 1 ShakeSpeak 2 ShakeSpeak 3

VootVoot (Free)

With mobile screens getting more attention than large screens (read TVs), TV channels are also trying to change with times. Viacom 18, the company behind popular channels like Colors and MTV, has introduced a new app dubbed Voot, offering users the ability to catch content on the go. The video-on-demand app offers a vast library of TV shows, movies, and even content for kids along with some original programs. The app is personalised according to the user’s preferences and suggests new shows accordingly. It also has resume playback functionality.

Voot 3 Voot 1 Voot 2

YouTube GamingYouTube Gaming {Update} (Free)

After establishing itself as the go-to website for videos, Google-owned YouTube is targeting various verticals. Gaming walkthroughs being among the most popular type of videos, it’s focussing on this segment with a dedicated app, which lets users watch live streams or recorded sessions of gameplays. Apart from being able to view, users can also stream their own gameplays by using the front camera of their mobile devices.

YouTube Gaming 1 YouTube Gaming 2 YouTube Gaming 3

Earlier, the app was limited in some regions, but with the latest update, it’s available in many more countries, including India.


EvilBaneEvilBane: Rise of Ravens (Free)

EvilBane is a role playing game falling in the action genre, set in a land, which is recovering from a war. But a new threat is arising, and you’ll have to play as one of the three ravens to ensure peace in the kingdom. You’ll need to hack and slash through various opponents along with discovering secret crystals dubbed Heavenstones. The game can be played in the multi-player mode or player-vs-player mode.

Also, check out update to Facebook Messenger, which now makes it super easy to add a new person in your contact list by scanning their profile, which now has a unique identification around the profile picture.

Facebook Comments
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