Top Android apps and games of the week #15

The best camera is the one that’s with you… a statement that’s very apt for smartphone cameras. The popularity of phone snappers can be gauged from the fact that according to IDC’s Worldwide Digital Image 2015-2019 forecast, seven out of every 10 images are captured from a mobile device. Not just hardware, a simple search on the app stores would also reveal hundreds of apps that promise to improve smartphone photography with effects, filters, composition tricks and more. Our weekly coverage of top apps and games for Android also include a couple of such photography apps, along with many other interesting titles that are worth your attention. Welcome to yet another exciting week for Android users in the world of apps.

InstagramInstagram {Update} (Free)

With its approach of improving images via effects and filters, Instagram has become a social network in its own right along with being a no-fuss photography app. With version 6.19, it has introduced two new tools: color and fade. Color, as the name suggests, allows you add colour overlays to your images with options like red, yellow, orange, etc. The fade tool on the other hand, gives the user the ability to soften the colours of the photos.

Instagram 1 Instagram 2 Instagram 3

Jio ChatJio Chat (Free)

While we’re awaiting the pan-India 4G licensee holder Reliance to roll out its Jio services, the company is making sure that it has a spate of apps and services that can work well with its soon-to-be-rolled-out networks. It’s first service is Jio Chat, a messaging platform, which isn’t too different from other popular services like WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, and allows chatting, voice and video calling along with conference calls. Users can pep up their conversations with stickers, emoticons, doodles, pictures, videos and audio notes. With the offline messaging option, users have the option to store their typed messages which can be sent whenever the device is online next.

Jio Chat 1 Jio Chat 2 Jio Chat 3

MailboxMailbox {Update} (Free)

Mailbox is a popular app for letting users achieve the blissful state of inbox zero, and now it has received a visual refresh concurring with Google’s Material Design language. The action bar and the floating bar have been revamped, with the whole UI offering a generous amount of white, which offers a pleasing look to the eyes. There’s also a provision to edit HTML emails before replying or forwarding to someone. You’ll also be able to see your signature while composing emails.

Mailbox 1 Mailbox 2 Mailbox 3

Office Remote for AndroidOffice Remote for Android (Free)

Microsoft is on a launching spree when it comes to apps, and has introduced a number of titles on multiple mobile platforms in a bid to embrace the cross-platform availability of its services. Its latest app is a companion for its Office software suite running on the desktop or a laptop. As its name indicates, the app can be used to control PowerPoint presentations, change Excel worksheets, or scroll Word documents. But it also goes beyond a simple controller, as you can touch anywhere on your phone to start a virtual laser pointer that moves on the host computer.

Office Remote for Android 1 Office Remote for Android 2 Office Remote for Android 3

SaavnSaavn {Update} (Free)

The popular music-streaming app Saavn is adding a social element to its app to improve user engagement. With Saavn Social, the app has been integrated with Facebook and allows the user to tag, follow, chat and share. You can tag one or more friends in a song or a playlist, and have a real-time conversation around it. Users can follow artists, celebs and public playlists, and the app can also notify whenever the artist you follow releases new music.

Saavn 1 Saavn 2 Saavn 3

SnapseedSnapseed {Update} (Free)

After being snapped up by Google in 2012, it seemed that Snapseed had gone into a deep slumber. Evidently, it’s woken up, as it has received its first major update after a couple of years, which offers a slew of features and tools. With its brush tool, you get more precision control over edits and you can also choose to apply the effect to certain parts of the image. You can also re-edit any photo or undo previous changes with the stacks feature. Some other tools added in this update are lens blur, tonal contrast, and intelligent perspective transform among others.

Snapseed 1 Snapseed 2

The best part about the app is that all its tools and effects are totally free, unlike many other photo-editing suites, which have various in-app purchases..

Telegram messengerTelegram {Update} (Free)

With the latest update, Telegram would be appreciated by its privacy-focussed user base even more. The v2.7 offers two-step verification with which the app requires you to enter a password before it authenticates your user login on a new device. Another useful option is the ability to see your active sessions across different devices (computers, tablets or mobiles). Link previews provide rich link summaries for services like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other content.

Telegram messenger 1 Telegram messenger 2 Telegram messenger 3


Adventures of Poco EcoAdventures of Poco Eco (Rs 123.43)

The title marries a visually-stunning game with a relaxing music playing the background. Your job is to help Poco and his tribe to find their lost sounds by solving puzzles. The game includes 12 3D-animated levels to keep you hooked. Along with the game, users will also get the LP of the music used, which is composed by Lamyank.

Sky PunksSky Punks (Free)

The creators behind Angry Birds have now backed an app developer Fathom Interactive to help it launch its game in the endless gaming genre. Called Sky Punks, the title is similar to games like Subway Surfers, where you have to run endlessly across the land while collecting coins and other power-ups. However, one interesting difference is that you can race against other punks and you fight for both track and lane position.

Speed Boat RacingDriver Speedboat Paradise (Free)

As the name of the game goes, you have to race against various speedboats in water. But that’s not all, as Ubisoft, the company behind the title, has weaved an interesting story around the game. Legendary cop John Tanner is on a mission to stop the speedboat mafia and you will help him out by participating in the races. The game includes pleasing graphics, and allow you to race in six different modes along with providing the option of upgrading your boats.

Before we wrap up, here’s another photo-editing app you might want to try this week – Aviary. With the latest update, it has received a Material Design refresh along with a better navigation menu.

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