Top Android apps and games of the week #14

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Humble Bundle 9
With a number of apps and games landing the Play Store every week, it could be a hassle for you to sift through the ones that are worth your attention. With our weekly feature, we bring you the apps and games that are worth checking out. This time, we have interesting apps ranging from messaging to learning and addictive games with some utility apps also thrown in.

BBMBBM {Update} (Free)

The Canadian phone-maker is trying to revive its fortunes with its BlackBerry Messenger which went cross-platform not too long ago. With version 2.1, the app allow users to add a fun element into their chats with stickers, available to buy from the BBM shop. The app has also increased its file size limit of up to 16MB for sharing of images, videos and other documents. You can also share images in group chats, which wasn’t possible earlier. BBM 1 BBM 2 BBM 3

ChatONChatON {Update} (Free)

Instant messaging services for mobile phones are a dime a dozen, and each of them are trying hard to differentiate themselves. Samsung’s cross-platform messaging app just got a massive update. The biggest features are the ability to send files of up to 1GB in size and the option to chat with up to 1,000 people in a group chat. Sent a message to someone by mistake? Don’t worry, the app gives you the option to recall it instantly. Instead of checking your location constantly, the app has integrated Glympse to share your real-time location. ChatON 1 ChatON 2 ChatON 3 For enhancing the user experience of its Indian user base, the app now has translation support for Hindi.

CCleanerCCleaner {Beta} (Free)

CCleaner is one of the must-have software for computers to clean unwanted data like temporary internet files as well as deleting browsing history, cookies, cache among others. Now, the app is making its way to mobile devices to help you get more space from it by deleting undesirable files. It also allows you to uninstall apps along with providing information about the device. CCleaner 1 CCleaner 2 CCleaner 3 The app is currently in beta and you have to become a member of its Google+ community to use the app. Once done, simply accept ‘Become a tester’ option available on this link and then you can download the app.

CourseraCoursera (Free)

Coursera is one of the pioneers of the MOOC revolution, giving anyone the freedom to learn what they want at their own pace. With the smartphone app, the company is taking it to the logical next step as users can take courses on the go. It offers most of the options found on its website including registering for new courses and even downloading them in case you don’t have the option of streaming. However, it still acts as an companion app since you need to access the website to complete assignments. Coursera 1 Coursera 2 Coursera 3

FirechatFirechat (Free)

If you think you always need to be hooked up to the internet or a cellular network to connect with anyone, then this app can change your perception. After being exclusive for iOS users since the last two weeks, Firechat is available on Android devices as well, giving you the ability to chat with strangers near your location. While it used Apple’s ‘Multipeer Connectivity Framework’ to connect to other iOS 7 devices, the developers have developed a proprietary technology based on mesh networking for Android devices. This also means that the Android users can’t connect with iOS users and vice-versa. The best part is that the app lets you chat anonymously and doesn’t store your conversations. Firechat 1 Although the range of the app is limited to just 30 feet near your location and in case you don’t find any other person using the app near you, you can also turn on the global mode which is like a chat room. (Free)

Learning a new language is a difficult and perhaps boring task. is making it easier by allowing you to read articles on the internet based on your interest in the language you want to learn. Since it’s a mobile app, you can learn a new language on the move. Whenever you come across a word you don’t know, you can save it in the app. Then you can learn the meaning and usage of those words through interactive flash cards depending upon your free time. You can learn Spanish, French, Hebrew and Arabic. 1 2 3 It must be noted that the app is more suited for learning vocabulary of new languages as opposed to grammar.

MediaMonkeyMediaMonkey (Free)

MediaMonkey has made its name as a music player with feature-rich options along with music management capabilities. Now the same power is available through its simplistic mobile app, allowing not only the usual capabilities of playing music tracks, but managing and editing their metadata as well. It also offers widgets for the home and lock screens. MediaMonkey 1 MediaMonkey 2 MediaMonkey 3 You can also upgrade to the pro version that offers Wi-Fi sync, DLNA support and other advanced options.

VineVine {Update} (Free)

There’s a lot of interest amongst users in messaging apps these days, so even other social apps that don’t really focus on messaging are trying to cash in on the trend. After Instagram’s Direct update, Twitter-owned Vine has updated its app with the same functionality. With the new ‘Messages’ option in Vine, users can send videos and even text messages to their friends privately. Vine 1 Vine 2 Vine 3

ZipprZippr (Free)

Sharing your address with others can be tiresome, especially when you have to do it every other day. There’s a smart solution for this problem in the form of Zippr. The app shortens your address to a code, which you can share with anyone via email, message, etc. Clicking on the link will take the recipient directly to your location on Google Maps, even if they don’t have the app installed on their devices. Zippr 1 Zippr 2 Zippr 3


Humble BundleHumble Bundle 9 (pay what you want)

Humble Bundle is one of those things which makes you feel good for saving your money and at the same time do some charity. In its 9th edition, the bundle offers four games and it’s totally up to you to decide how much you want to pay for them. These games include Bridge Constructor, Broken Sword 2, Ravensword: Shadowlands and Type:Rider. However, if you beat the average price of the bundle, you get two additional games – Kingdom Rush, and Knights of Pen & Paper +1. So there you have it folks, that wraps up this week’s edition of the most noteworthy new additions and updates on the Google Play Store. Keep downloading and have an apptastic weekend!
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