Top Android apps and games of the week #14

Apart from offering a plethora of apps, games, books and movies to download, Google’s digital storefront the Play Store is an app by itself and also gets an update from time to time. In the latest v5.4, the app displays immersive listings for Android Lollipop users, with no status bar at the top to divert a user’s attention. The update is being rolled out gradually to all users, but until the time you get it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try out the apps and games we’ve curated this week.

GoodreadsGoodreads {Update} (Free)

Goodreads, a popular destination for bookworms to manage their reading lists and read or write reviews, has received a fresh coat of paint via an update this week. The new redesign features a cleaner layout and easier-to-read fonts. It has also replaced its homescreen with the updates feed – offering you updates from your friends about the books they’re reading. Additionally, the app has updated its navigation bar, making it quicker to access any feature.

Goodreads 1vGoodreads 2vGoodreads 3

InfinitInfinit (Free)

There are a multitude of ways to share files between your devices or transfer them to others. However, Infinit, a new app on the block, aims to make the whole process easier and more seamless, even if the other person isn’t using the same app. What’s more, there’s no limit to the size or number of files that can be sent, add to the fact the app doesn’t compress them for speeding up the transfer. Currently, the mobile app allows the user to only share images and videos, but in the future, any type of file could be sent. It also boasts faster transfer speeds thanks to its own point-to-point technology.

Infinit 1 Infinit 2 Infinit 3

RiffRiff (Free)

From being a single app a few years ago, social-networking giant Facebook has quietly formed a family with a number of apps under its umbrella. All of its apps serve a special purpose, and its latest one is no different. Called Riff, the app allows users to create collaborative videos from their smartphones. You can record a video of up to 20 seconds, tag relevant topics, and post it on the app. While it can be viewed by everyone, your friends can add to the video and afterwards, their friends too. While we aren’t sure if it will catch on like Facebook’s flagship app and its messengers, the idea of collaborative video can be useful in instances like wishing a friend on their birthday.

Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 3

Smart NotificationsSmart Notifications (Free)

If you have installed countless numbers of apps and games on your Android device, you’d be inundated with notifications, many of which are unnecessary and not useful. With Smart Notifications, you can get rid of such notifications by simply marking them as spam. The app follows Material Design guidelines, and is constantly improving since it harnesses the power of the community to find spammy apps. There’s also a do not disturb mode, which stops all notifications for a set period of time.

Smart Notifications 1 Smart Notifications 2 Smart Notifications 3


DuckTales- RemasteredDuckTales: Remastered (Rs 627.78)

As the name suggests, this game will take you back to your childhood days as you’ll be playing as Scrooge McDuck. The game also has an 8-bit flavour to trigger nostalgia. In the game, you’ll be embarking on a journey to the Himalayas, Transylvania, African mines, and the moon among others to discover five legendary treasures with the help of a secret map. You will also have to save your nephews – Huey, Dewey and Louie from villains like the sorceress Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys, and fight against them using Scrooge’s iconic pogo jump and cane swing.

The game might be steeply priced, but it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

Marvel Might HeroesMarvel Mighty Heroes (Free)

 Planet Earth is under the siege of evil forces and your job is to ensure that they don’t destroy it. To do so, you can form a team of your favourite superheroes and even villains from the Marvel universe. The game has all the popular characters such as Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Green Goblin, Loki and more. To make the game more engaging, it has real-time four-player battles you can participate in.

Marvel Might Heroes 2 Marvel Might Heroes 1

Project ParkourProject Parkour (Free)

Project Parkour is the name of a secret organisation where scientists are pushing human abilities by using specially-designed levels and challenges. The title features stunning graphics and allows the player to jump, slide, run and climb to become the best parkour runner.

Before we sign off, we also suggest you check out Microsoft’s new Office Lens app. It lets you scan your documents, receipts and more, and then save them as a document or PDF file. While it’s still in the preview stage, it makes it easier to scan anything, and automatically crops, enhances and cleans images for better readability. Interested users can join the Google+ community to get the app.

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