Top Android apps and games of the week #13

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Airtel pocket TV
Facebook Messenger
Microsoft Office Mobile
Captain America
Cut the Rope 2
Plants vs Zombies 2
This week has been exhilarating for Android fans. Samsung’s next-gen flagship, the Galaxy S5 has landed on Indian shores, while one of the best-looking smartphones of the last year just got a makeover in the form of the HTC One (M8). The world of Android apps also kept buzzing with some interesting apps and updates.

Airtel Pocket TVAirtel digital TV – pocket TV (Free)

After Dish TV and Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV has also made it easier for its subscribers to watch television on the move on their mobile devices. The app has a catalogue of over 150+ live channels, along with giving the option of watching past episodes from over 13 channels. Moreover, it allows you to set program reminders and check the program guide for the complete week. Airtel Pocket TV 1 Airtel Pocket TV 2 Airtel Pocket TV 3 You should be an Airtel Digital TV subscriber and and pay an additional amount of Rs 60 per month for using the app.

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger {Update} (Free)

Facebook might have acquired WhatsApp in an attempt to dominate the mobile messaging space, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped working on its own messaging app. Facebook Messenger 4.0 brings with it the ability to create groups of people to chat with. Users can also forward a message to anyone in their friend lists. Users can also get conversation shortcuts right on their home screens. Facebook Messenger 1

Microsoft Office MobileMicrosoft Office Mobile (Free)

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella is forging ahead with a mobile-based strategy for the company. Not only has it released the Office for iPad, but also rechristened Office 365 to Microsoft Office Mobile. Along with the change in name, the app now allows users to view and even edit their documents for free. However, business users will have to shell out a monthly or yearly subscription amount for this functionality. Microsoft Office Mobile 1 Microsoft Office Mobile 2 Microsoft Office Mobile 3 The app works only on smartphones at the moment, but the software giant has confirmed that an app for Android tablets will be coming soon.

RuntasticRuntastic Running & Fitness {Update} (Free)

You don’t need to spend extra to buy a smartwatch or a fitness tracker to get you in shape. An app like Runtastic can also help, and with this update, it has got a complete visual overhaul along with several new features. It utilises the phone’s GPS to monitor and analyse your every move. A brand new feature called ‘hydration metric’ suggests you how much water you should drink after a workout. Runtastic 1 Runtastic 2 Runtastic 3

TimehopTimehop (Free)

Do you remember what you were up to exactly a year ago on the same date, or the year before? With Timehop, you hop back in time. The app connects with your Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Foursquare accounts to give you all the info. Timehop 1 Timehop 2 Timehop 3

TwitterTwitter {Update} (Free)

The micro-blogging network is now going beyond just textual conversations with a limit of 140 characters. With the latest update, users can share up to four images in a single tweet, without even reducing the character limit. Taking a leaf out of Facebook’s page, Twitter also allow users to tag up to 10 people in an image. 613-9967-02 The update is being rolled out gradually to all users.

WoNoBoWoNoBo (Free)

When it comes to maps and navigation, Google Maps is the defacto leader. However, it’s also true that the street view offered by the service does leave something wanting, especially in India. WoNoBo is aiming to solve that problem and its recently-introduced app makes it even easier. Currently, the app covers 14 Indian cities and is planning to extend its footprint to more in the time to come. WoNoBo 1 WoNoBo 2 WoNoBo 3


Captain AmericaCaptain America: The Winter Soldier (Free)

You can be a superhero too and save the world! However, this is possible only in the virtual world where you can step into the shoes of Captain America and stop the Winter Soldier from causing destruction. You can also take help from the members of the SHIELD team. The game is also available in multiplayer mode letting you challenge your friends. The game is free for just two levels and after that you’ve to make an in-app purchase for the full game.

Cut the Rope 2Cut the Rope 2 (Free)

The popular physics-based game Cut the Rope has got itself a new sequel. Cut the Rope 2 offers the same gameplay of feeding Om Nom by following the rules of physics to cut the ropes. However, this time there are fresh challenges along with five new characters. The puzzle also brings with it new locations that can be chosen via an interactive map.

Plants vs Zombies 2Plants vs Zombies 2 {Update} (Free)

The highly-addictive second iteration of Plants vs Zombies has been updated with an expansion pack. It introduces a new ‘Far Future World’, which offers 24 new levels, eight new plants and 10 new zombies. The update also gets ‘Zen Garden’ from the first version of the game, allowing you to take care of your plants and get rewarded with more power against zombies.
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