Top Android apps and games of the week #13

With the release of Android N’s developer preview, we have been getting a sneak peek at the features that are expected to make their entry in the upcoming Android iteration. While we already knew that there will be a multi-window mode in the OS, as per a new report, the platform would also support a freeform mode, which is a great option for large devices such as tablets and 2-in-1s. Sadly, the version is a few months away, but until then you can still be excited about the wide gamut of apps and games available for the platform. Here are last week’s picks.

Google CastGoogle Cast {Update} (Free)

Google has had a breakout success with its Chromecast, offering users the ability to cast content to their TVs remotely. However, over the years, the app providing this ability has grown bigger, allowing users to cast audio to compatible speakers, or videos to displays, and to reflect the same, the app has been rebranded to Google Cast. In fact, the app also makes it easier to connect to TVs and speakers that support Cast out-of-the-box, without the need of attaching a dongle.

Google Cast 1 Google Cast 2 Google Cast 3

TodoistTodoist {Update} (Free)

One of the most powerful to-do managers, Todoist has become quite popular over the years, and it’s adding more features to make it even more useful. In v9, it has made it easier to add tasks in the quick task bar, with the ability to identify projects and task assignees, by allowing the use of ‘#project’ and ‘+person’ along with offering autocomplete suggestions. There are several other features such as ability to sort projects by name, date or priority, easier adding of sub-tasks and sub-projects, faster syncing between multiple devices, etc.

Todoist 1 Todoist 2 Todoist 3


City Run LondonCity Run London (Rs 65.53)

The title offers a time travel theme mixed with the old-school feeling of comic books with its gameplay and storyline. Set in the ancient gate towers of Tudor London during 1545, it’s based around a suspicious king who hangs every person who says the wrong thing. However, one monk speaks out against the injustice, and while the king captures him, you can rescue him with the help of Willa, who has skills like invisibility and stealth. The title also features immersive graphics and an award-winning soundtrack.

Dream Machine- The GameDream Machine – The Game (Rs 63.27)

If you’re a fan of Monument Valley, then this title is for you. In the game, a robot wants to break free from the norm, and when he does so, then he enters a world full of 3D puzzles. You will have to manipulate the machines to help him find the exit path in each level. You’ll also need to engage in boss battles, where you’ll need to utilise your skill and brainpower to defeat the enemy.

Hex DefenderHex Defender (Rs 76.97)

With most tower defense games offering a similar gameplay, Hex Defender comes across as as breath of fresh air. You’ll be playing as Commander Crash who was able to retrieve the Crystal of Life from earth’s enemies, but is now in the enemy state due to the failure of his warp drive. Now, you have to defend him and the Crystal, which is where the tower defense gameplay comes in. Unlike other such games, where the position of turret is fixed, in this case, the turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. This will help you formulate your strategy in a better manner.

RepubliqueRepublique {Update} (Rs 341.87)

Republique is a mobile adventure game set in the world where government has set up surveillance on all the citizens. The latest update adds the fifth and last chapter to the series dubbed Terminus, where Hope and the player continue to fight for freedom by trying to hack into the nation’s elaborate surveillance network. The chapter also has an interesting gameplay option – along with following Hope’s path, users can also choose their own adventure, which would change the gameplay as per their decisions.

With that, we end this week’s edition. We’ll be back next week with another dose of interesting apps and games for your Android devices.

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