Top Android apps and games of the Week #12

Think apps and games on your Android device are only limited to it? Think again, as this week we’ve an interesting game for you – Motion Tennis Cast. The game, available for free, allows you to play a virtual game of tennis just like Nintendo’s Wii remote. There are several other useful apps lined up for you this week, so read on.

CashbossCashboss (Free)

With our top Android apps and games series, we try to present worthy apps that deserve your attention. But how would it sound if you get paid for trying out apps too? Cashboss, a new app from the team behind the popular website Coupondunia, allows users to recharge their numbers when they download the mentioned apps and use them for some time. Not just that, you can earn more if you refer your friends for trying out the Cashboss app.

Cashboss 1 Cashboss 2 Cashboss 3

HTC Fun FitFun Fit (Free)

With software and apps playing an important role in shaping up the experience of a mobile device, Taiwanese brand HTC is also moving towards this direction. After making its Zoe app available for all Android devices irrespective of the brand, the company has unveiled another new app aimed at tracking fitness. Called Fun Fit, the app can count your steps, distance covered, calories burnt and more, and also adds a social element by allowing you to share this info with your Facebook friends. The app also provides informative charts providing details of your activity on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis.

HTC Fun Fit 1 HTC Fun Fit 2

SnapiSnapi (Free)

Selfies have taken the world by storm, however shooting them isn’t an easy thing at all. You have to make sure that you are able to press the shutter button without shaking the phone too much. While there are a few devices that come with custom camera apps to solve this issue, Snapi is a free app which makes it easier to take a selfie that too without requiring a click of a button. You only need to bring your open palm in front of the camera and then close it to trigger a countdown timer and voila, your selfie will be captured. The app also lets you customise the countdown timer.

Snapi 1 Snapi 2 Snapi 3

SwipesSwipes (Free)

Swipes is a popular to-do manager which has made its way to Android from iOS and features Google’s latest Material Design language. The app is aimed at ensuring that users can schedule their tasks and mark them done or snooze via simple swipes, and thus spend time in doing their tasks rather than jotting them down. Users can assign priorities as well as use tags and context for their tasks. The app can also be integrated with Evernote, with Gmail integration set to roll out soon.

Swipes 1 Swipes 2 Swipes 3


Motion Tennis CastMotion Tennis Cast (Free)

Motion Tennis Cast shows how next-gen smartphone gaming could be like. Just like Wii’s remote control, the game turns your mobile device to a remote, allowing you to use it like a racket for playing virtual tennis. For playing the game, you can pair it with a TV supporting screen mirroring technology like Miracast or use it along with Google’s Chromecast dongle. You can also connect the game with the Chrome web browser on the computer, if a TV isn’t available or supported. The game supports a number of tennis strokes and allow you to play it on different type of courts with four difficulty levels. You can also play the game with your friends by inviting them via Facebook or Google+. Along with being fun, the title also makes you fit and shows you how much calories you’ve burnt while playing.

Tales from the BorderlandsTales from the Borderlands (Rs 312.92)

Telltale games, the developer behind The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones series of games have cracked the successful formula of keeping the consumers hooked. All its games follow a storyline-driven format and are available in a number of seasons. Tales from the Borderlands is no different, as the latest update brings the season 2, ‘Atlas Mugged’ to users after the season 1, which was released in December last year. The title continues with the adventures of Rhys, a Hyperion middle-manager working with Fiona to find hidden cash and also fighting others who are trying to find it.

Check out the 12th edition of Humble Bundle, which offers seven (and counting) games worth of $35 in its trademark pay-as-you-like format.

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