Top Android apps and games of the week #11

The biggest news for the Android enthusiasts this week would be the surprise release of the developer preview of upcoming Android version codenamed N. Android N is expected to bring a lot of features such as the much-awaited split-screen multitasking, expanded notifications, and an improved doze mode, among others. While you can’t get the upcoming iteration unless you have a Nexus device, you can surely enjoy the variety of apps available for the Android ecosystem. Here’s a look at the top apps and games that are worthy of your attention this week.

AmpereAmpere {Update} (Free)

With buzzwords like fast charging and even Super VOOC charging that promise to juice up your smartphone in 15 minutes flat, there’s need for an app that can actually show you the charging and discharging current of the battery. Ampere is an app which does exactly that, thus helping you find the best combination of adapter and USB cable to charge your phone faster. With the latest update, the app lets you chose between five display styles, along with providing notifications for battery voltage and temperature.

Ampere 1 Ampere 2 Ampere 3

DrupeDrupe {Update} (Free)

Drupe is a phonebook-replacement app that lets you connect your contacts through any communication apps. What’s more, you can contact them from any screen, by dragging the contact to the communication app of your liking. In v2.0, the app adds a missed calls manager, along with the option to customise the look of the dialer and use speed dialing. Along with that, the app has support for dual-SIM devices now.

Drupe 1 Drupe 2 Drupe 3

Google searchGoogle {Update} (Free)

Tis’ the season for cricket, with the WC T20 having just started and the IPL extravaganza set to begin soon. And Google is ensuring that you stay updated with the scores and much more with its Search app. Now, whenever you search for a cricket score, the app will automatically show the scorecard which will be updated live, without the need to refresh the page. Additionally, if you select the game of your interest, the app will take you through news articles, player information, in-depth stats and more about the same. You can of course use voice commands to know the cricket score or match schedule.

Google Search cricket update


MSQRD has been in news this week for two reasons – it recently launched for Android devices, and more importantly, it’s been acquired by social networking giant Facebook. So, what makes this app so special? As its name suggests, it lets you apply live masks in videos and make some fun clips you can share with your friends.


Opera MiniOpera Mini {Update} (Free)

Opera Mini is famous for its compression technology, saving your precious cellular data and letting you surf the internet faster. Now, the same compression is available for videos, with the video boost option, which means that you can watch multimedia content too without worrying about spending too much data. The browser has also added support for SD cards, allowing users to download or upload files. In the case of uploads, the app will let you shrink the size of photos.

Opera Mini 1 Opera Mini 2 Opera Mini 3

TruecallerTruecaller {Update} (Free)

Truecaller has become one of the must-have apps over the years, acting as an intelligent phone directory telling who’s calling you even if you don’t have the number saved. With the latest update however, the app aims to become more than that by taking over the stock dialer, and thus letting users know if the other person is available for taking the call (will work only if they also have the Truecaller app installed). This way you can also access the smart call history from the dialer.

Truecaller 1 Truecaller 2 Truecaller 3

UC BrowserUC Browser {Update} (Free)

Google isn’t the only app cashing in on the cricket season, UC Browser, the leading mobile browser, has partnered with Bing and Twitter under UC Cricket. Users would be able to see trending tweets of cricketers, and exclusive Twitter content such as Periscope videos and Vines, along with match predictions from Bing. The update also brings a floating widget called UC Express, which will allow the user to access all the cricket-related content. Users will also be able to customise push notifications to get live updates about the match.

UC Browser (UC Cricket)

WireWire {Update} (Free)

Wire, a popular messaging app, backed by Skype’s founder Janus Friji, has added new features to its arsenal. To ensure better security to its users, it has started end-to-end encryption for messages, be it for individual chats or group chats.The update has also added the ability to make video calls to other users.

Wire 1 Wire 2 Wire 3


GlydeGlyde (Free)

Glyde is an arcade game for flying, featuring breath-taking graphics. The 3D game’s premise is quite simple – you need to manoeuvre multiple planes and perform cool aerobatic tricks. The background music also adds to the fun.

Before we wrap up this week’s edition, also check out the update to Facebook’s Messenger app, which has finally donned Google’s Material Design aesthetics.

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