Top Android apps and games of the Week #10

The past week was bliss for hardware enthusiasts as one of the biggest mobile phone exhibitions MWC gave us a first look at what brands have planned for consumers in the coming days. We also witnessed some futuristic products such as modular concept phones from Google, amongst many others. But now as the week comes to an end, let’s take a look at the apps and games which are worth your attention. This time, we have apps ranging from device information to communication services to some really interesting and addictive games.

AIDA64AIDA64 (Free)

AIDA64 is a popular system information tool for PCs and now it is available for Android, bringing the same functionality to phones, tablets and even smartwatches powered by Android Wear. The app features a pleasing Material Design interface and shows all the details which are categorised under Display, CPU, Sensors and more.

AIDA64 1 AIDA64 2 AIDA64 3

BBMBBM {Update} (Free)

This week, BlackBerry’s messaging service hit the milestone of 100 million installs on Android devices, which shows that it’s able to stand up against the likes of WhatsApp and LINE. The Canadian smartphone maker is also updating the app constantly to make it useful, as now users can use the app on their Android Wear smartwatches as well. It has also introduced a premium monthly subscription for the service, which allows users to create custom PINs and remove ads. Other updates include the ability to share photos in a group chat, channel improvements, and more.


Google PDF viewerGoogle PDF viewer (Free)

Google has already separated the ability to view / edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the Drive app with dedicated Docs, Sheets and Slides apps respectively. Now, the search-engine titan is doing the same with viewing PDF files, by debuting its PDF viewer app on the Play Store. Although meant mainly for Android for Work users, it gives one the ability to view, print, search or copy text from PDF files.

Google PDF viewer 1 Google PDF viewer 2 Google PDF viewer 3

TruedialerTruedialer {Update} (Free)

Just a couple of months after Truecaller unveiled its intelligent dialler app, Truedialer has been updated with a revamped design, improved functionality and most importantly support for dual-SIM devices. Truedialer now has support for more than 500 dual-SIM smartphones, allowing users to easily switch their SIM cards for calling. Users can also swipe right on any number to add it to their favourites list, along with seeing on which SIM card a particular call was made.

Truedialer 2 Truedialer 3 Truedialer 1



Blockwick 2Blockwick 2 (Rs 186.95)

Following the huge success of puzzle game Blockwick, comes it successor Blockwick 2. In the game, your goal is to arrange blocks of the same colour together by shifting them around. To make the game even more interesting and challenging, there are different types of blocks you can use, including sticky blocks, which form a chain to link together.

King of ThievesKing of Thieves (Free)

This game comes from the developers behind the extremely popular Cut the Rope franchise. In accordance with the name of the title, the premise of the game is that you have to steal gold from other thieves to become world’s wealthiest thief. The game is a unique mix of a platformer and person-vs-person multiplayer genre making it even more enjoyable to play. You also have to build your dungeons to safeguard all your loot and catch other thieves by laying traps.

Zombie Highway 2Zombie Highway 2 (Free)

Zombie Highway 2 is a game with a twist, all thanks to zombies which affect your speed, driveability and more. The second iteration of the game with the same name brings forth overhauled gameplay, a choice of six cars and Nitro Boost. There are also 17 weapons to help you fight against 10 different types of zombies.

Zombie Highway 2 1 Zombie Highway 2 2

With that, we end our picks for the top apps and games for Android this week. See you again next week with another dose of apps and games for your device.

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