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Wink it
Plants vs Zombies 2
The Great Martian War
This week offered aplenty of reasons for Indian Android fans to be happy, right from the release of no compromise budget handset the Moto G to the bright red Nexus 5. The Play Store also was abuzz with a lot of new and old apps (with updates) and here are the ones which deserves your attention.

PathPath {Update} (Free)

Did you know that the popular social network Facebook recently celebrated its 10th birthday? Yes, social media has come a long way, but quite a few of us crave for sharing our feelings with only a closed group of friends and family. Mobile-only app Path allows one to connect with limited amount of people, and its latest update gives the ability to share videos as well. Users can capture videos of up to 30 seconds and even spruce them up with custom filters. Path 1 Path 2 Path 3

theScoretheScore {Update} (Free)

One of the world’s biggest sporting event, Winter Olympics has already kicked off and if you’re looking for a way to stay updated with the latest news and scores, then the latest update of theScore app is for you. The app offers a medal tally, a blog section for coverage of events along with dedicated sections for sporting events for men and women. It also has a useful medal alert feature which automatically notifies you when a medal is won along with information about the player and the event. theScore 1 theScore 2 theScore 3 Apart from updates on the Olympics, the app also provides all the news and info regarding a particular sportsperson you may be interested in.

Wink itWink it (Free)

Thanks to Android’s openness, there are a variety of alternative keyboard apps aimed at improving your typing speed and accuracy with swiping, predictions and more. Wink it takes an unconventional approach by adding a bit of emotions to your chats with friends. The app gets two suggestion bars at the top, which suggest different emoticons related to the text you’re typing. Wink it  2 Wink it 1 Wink it 3 Though the app doesn’t really improve your typing, it’s a great way to make your chats more fun.


300300: Seize Your Glory (Free)

As the moniker indicates, the game is based on the upcoming movie 300: Rise of an Empire. The game follows the hack-and-slash genre of gameplay in which players step into the shoes of Greek General Thermistokles. With the help of the Greek army, players aim to stop the rival army led by Artmesia. 300 1

Plants vs Zombies 2Plants vs Zombies 2 {Update} (Free)

EA has just updated its highly-successful Plants vs Zombies 2 with the inclusion of the main villain from its previous game – Dr Zomboss. Players will face him in the ancient Egypt level, and even in some other time periods. The update also adds a new power called Snowball Power which gives you the ability to freeze all the zombies at once for some time.

The Great Martian WarThe Great Martian War (Free)

There’s something appealing about the endless runner games like the popular Temple Run and Subway Surfers. While there isn’t any story, the gameplay keeps you hooked on to the game. The Great Martian War takes the endless runner genre and adds a touch of history to it. As Gus Lafonde, your aim is to run through battlefields while avoiding landmines, tanks and Martian war machines. The Great Martian War 1 That’s not it for this week’s apps and games for Android users, Google has updated a slew of its apps as well. First one is the Google Search app, which coupled with Google Now launcher gives you Nexus 5-like launcher in any smartphone. The Google Drive app now offers 1 x 1 widget for document scanning and support for gif images, while the Google Play Newsstand got a 4 x 3 widget and new view mode.
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