Top Android Apps and Games of the Week #49

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Assasin’s Creed Pirates
This week, Google has updated its Play Store application with some interesting features such as an indicator for in-app purchases in the applications/ games and activity feed of user’s friend on Google+ to see what application they have +1ed or rated. But, that does not means that Play Store didn’t see new/ updated applications or games. This week in Top Android Apps and Games, we have a couple of productivity applications, along with photography app and a game.


CalCal – Calendar by (Free)

Coming from the makers of the popular and simple to use to-do app Any.Do, Cal offers the same simple and beautiful interface for the Calendar. The Cal app starts with new image everyday, and also lets users customize the categories for the images. It syncs seamlessly with existing calendars like Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook as well as Facebook for friends’ birthdays. The app also offers a widget for  the home screen to provide a quick glance of the user’s day.

Cal 1Cal 2Cal 3

Cal also integrates with to show the user’s daily tasks.

FlavaFlava (Free)

In this era, when everything has gone digital, what’s stopping you to have a digital journal? Flava brings users the option to record their day to day life with not just text, but photos, videos, location and more. Users can also categorize their days with different themes and tags. The app also plays picture slideshow from past moments with background music. It backs up the timeline on its cloud service, so that user can access their timeline on other devices as well.

Flava 1Flava 2Flava 3

Flava can also export selected pictures for sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

QuipQuip (Free)

While there are several word processing applications available on Android devices, they do not make collaborative editing easy enough. Though Google Drive boasts of this functionality on the web interface, it fails to work that well in mobile phones. Quip takes the counter approach for the same with focus on real-time collaboration and chatting, with features like a chat thread for every document, notifications whenever someone opens a document, and more. Users can also refer other users or documents with the ‘@’ symbol.

Quip 1Quip 2Quip 3

Quip offers useful collaborative functionalities, but if you are looking for a comprehensive editing capability, then Google Drive and Quick Office are better applications.

VSCO CamVSCO Cam (Free)

Since past few years, mobile photography have become a big phenomenon. However, the quality of the photo not only depends upon the camera sensor, but the software application as well. VSCO Cam is a popular app for this purpose, which was already available for iOS and has recently launched for Android devices. It offers several presets, various editing options for adjusting exposure, temperature, and others. Users can also purchase preset packs to enhance the images.

VSCO Cam 1VSCO Cam 2VSCO Cam 3

VSCO Cam also allows users to share the images over social networks along with adding them to user’s profile on the application.

ZendayZenDay (Free)

All of us hope for a productive life and try to make use of different task management methodologies, yet we end up procrastinating. This is probably because we are not managing our time in an efficient manner. ZenDay intends to change that with a visually-pleasing interface showing the tasks in a 3D timeline which can be scrolled for a view at all to-do’s. It also supports dynamic scheduling by suggesting you to accomplish task(s) at what time, if you do not add specific timings for them.

Zenday 1Zenday 2Zenday 3


Assasin's Creed PiratesAssasin’s Creed Pirates (Rs 379.10)

Assasin’s Creed is very popular title for the gaming company Ubisoft and the company is hoping the similar fate for its latest game. In the game, user will play the role of young pirate Alonzo Batilla in a quest for hidden treasure. Players will be facing various situations be it fighting with the enemies in naval battles, acquiring boats, recruit the crew members and more. Players will also have to adapt to changing gameplay due to varying weather conditions. That’s it for the apps and games of the week, but we would like to give you a heads up to check out the Google’s redesigned news website for mobile devices on Chrome. We should rather call it as a web app since it brings new interface, ability to customize theme and story card size, weather information, and several other useful features.
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