Top Android Apps and Games of the Week #47

Users having tablets with Android Operating System will definitely like the ability to see Apps designed for tablets from Play Store directly. But, if you want to find out some new apps which were launched or updated this week, then our weekly roundup is for you. This time, we have interesting mix of apps ranging from learning to reading articles to gaming-


Courses123Courses123 (Free)

Learning a new language is surely difficult, and more so when we want to learn at our own convenience on the handheld devices. This new app brings users the option to learn five languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German in a step by step manner. It provides you ample options to aid in learning new language such as dialogue, flash cards, videos, and more. You can also test your skill by taking a quiz. Courses123 1Courses123 2Courses123 3 However, users needs to be connected to internet for using the app.

DropboxDropbox (Free)

One of the most popular cloud storage service, Dropbox app has undergone an update to don a new logo as well as some new features. The app makes it easier to send files to your contacts directly by selecting their email. It also shows notification history that shows users their recent activities. Dropbox 1Dropbox 2Dropbox 3 If you want to upgrade your account, then the app has made it very quick by simply giving users option to click their debit/ credit card through device camera and automatically filling the required fields.

Google Play NewsstandGoogle Play Newsstand (Free)

There was a lot of hue and cry when the Google announced the closure of its Reader service. But now its making a comeback, albeit in different form. Play newsstand app combines Google Currents Google play magazine and add the ability to subscribe to newspapers or websites through RSS feeds. Google Play Newsstand 1 Check out our preview of Google Play Newsstand.

PocketPocket (Free)

With so much information flowing around us, we don’t always have time to go through them and during those times, an app/ website like Pocket comes in handy. The app has been updated to version 5.0 with a whole new interface as well as useful features. Most notable being the highlights feature, which automatically brings content at the top which is read and shared by others as well. The app also adds tags to the articles letting the users know whether the article is long-form or quick reading, trending, and even organize them in various categories. Pocket 1Pocket 2Pocket 3

TwitterTwitter (Free)

The update adds improved search functionalities to the app, which will certainly be very useful for avid Twitter users. So, after typing the search term, you get the ability to filter the results by tapping the slider icon to the right enabling you to only see photos, videos, or location based results from people ‘near you’. There’s also trending timeline which combines trends along with the tweets. Twitter 1Twitter 2Twitter 3


Humble BundleHumble Mobile Bundle 3 (Pay what you want)

We have covered Humble Bundle before and now again, the bundle is back with some awesome apps. The bundle offers six games including two debut games. As with all Humble Bundle offers, you can pay what you want to get EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, Swordigo and if you pay more than the average then you also avail Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush.
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