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Camera Awesome
Google Search
GT Racing 2
My Talking Tom
With countless apps/ games being added or updated in the Google Play Store every week, many of them remain unnoticed. With Apps and Games of the Week, we bring to you selected ones which deserves your attention. This week we have photo apps, communication app, racing game and more-


Camera AwesomeCamera Awesome (Rs 189)

The app is regarded as one of the most popular camera apps available in iOS and was recently launched for Android devices. The app offers complete control over the device’s camera enabling one to take great photos including Shooting modes (burst, timer, image stabilization, and panorama), Composition guides, Face recognition, Exposure, ISO, Resolution settings, and much more. It also brings offers editing capabilities with 100+ artistic effects, selective editing, and automatically enhance the image with ‘Awesomize’ button. Camera Awesome 1Camera Awesome 2Camera Awesome 3 Unfortunately, the app only supports certain devices like Nexus series, Samsung’s high end Galaxy smartphones, Xperia Z, HTC One, etc. Dayframe

Dayframe (Free)

If you have an Android tablet/ smartphone lying around, and want t o put it to good use, then how about turning it into a photo-frame? Dayframe is a very beautiful and simple app which can connect to all your social accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, etc. and pull photos from them to showcase them in an automated slideshow. You can also change the photos by swiping left and right, liking them or even clicking the link (if any) shared along with them. Dayframe 1Dayframe 2Dayframe 3 The app offers several customization options including playlists, scheduled running time, and more.

Google SearchGoogle Search (Free)

The latest update to Google Search app brings several useful and interesting features to the Google Now. First and foremost, Google Now will talk to you back in case the command is not complete for example- if you say send a message, it will revert by asking to whom the message is to be sent, etc. The update also adds new cards such as website card, which can tell whenever a website has been updated or a topic card, which will bring articles related to your topics of interest. Google Search 1Google Search 2Google Search 3 Most of these features will be available to Android versions 4.1 (JellyBean) or above.

MeritnationMeritnation (Free)

Meritnation is one of the best online resource for students studying in school or preparing for competitive exams with interactive and easy to understand course contents. Though, the app currently offers course contents of K-12 education and that too allows access only to first chapter free for all subjects. For complete access, one has to become a paid member and instead of utilizing in-app billing, the app redirects to its website. Meritnation 1Meritnation 2Meritnation 3

ViberViber (Free)

The messaging cum calling app has been updated to version 4.0 and offers a plethora of new features. Most notable being the support for sticker markets allowing users to share their feeling and emotions through 1000+ stickers (free and paid). It also gets a Push to Talk capability to send voice messages to one’s contacts, which they can listen to at their convenience. The app has also increased the number of limit of participants in a group to hundred. Viber 1Viber 2Viber 3 Viber also makes use of Android’s capabilities with features such as ‘Light up screen’, and option to use Viber messaging even when one is on a call.


GT Racing 2GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp (Free)

If you are a fan of racing games, then this latest game from the Gameloft is a must try. It adds a touch of reality to the game with superb collection of more than 67 cars from over 30 manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, Farrari, Nissan, and others. There are more than 13 tracks, and 1400 events to demonstrate your driving skills through Classic Races, Duels, Knockouts, etc. You can also enjoy the game by competing against your friends or with other players. Albeit, the game is pretty massive at more than 1 GB.

My Talking TomMy Talking Tom (Free)

Let’s admit it, all of us have surely played with cute and adorable Talking Tom and played with him by tickling, poking, and even teasing by pulling its tail. Now, the developers of the app offer you a chance to adopt your own Tom and nurture him. You have feed him, put him to sleep, play with him and even handle his emotions of being happy, sad, hungry, sleepy, etc. You can also give him a unique identity by choosing his clothing, fur and even his living place. Though, the game is free, it offer in-app purchases to get gold coins and spend them on items.
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