Top Android Apps and Games of the Week #44

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Facebook Messenger
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit
MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD
Juice Cubes
Thor: The Dark World
This week, the world of Android has been abuzz with the launch of Nexus 5 as well as the Android 4.4 KitKat. But, that doesn’t means the Play Store did not get the required attention, there were several new and old apps (with updates) in the store. So, let’s check out the best of them which are a mix of Social Networks and Games-


Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger (Free)

The social networking giant has given some much needed update to its messenger app. Donning a new interface with a slightly different blue color gives it its own identity, unlike earlier when it had the same color scheme as of Facebook. Along with that it has a new interface as well as the logo. In terms of new functionalities, users can see who are online on Facebook messenger app on their mobile and thus instantly reachable by showing the messenger’s logo besides them, users can also contact any person directly by their mobile number even if they are not friends on Facebook. Above all, you can also send normal text messages from the app. Facebook Messenger The update is rolled out to limited number of people, which will be available to everyone soon.

FlyneFlyne (Free)

Since we aren’t always connected to the internet, reading news on smartphones and tablets become a big problem. Flyne is a simple and elegant offline news-reading application, developed by Joaquim Verges, the developer of widely acclaimed Falcon Pro Twitter app. It can fetch full articles from Twitter, Feedly, websites (through RSS feeds) and then showcase them offline in a flippable magazine like format. Flyne 1Flyne 2Flyne 3 However, above-mentioned capabilities can only be achieved after making an in-app purchase.

Google Google+ (Free)

Google is betting big on image editing capabilities of Google+ and the latest update reinforces that notion. Back in May, at Google I/O company unveiled Auto-Awesome feature to enhance the images by one click, and now users can apply this feature on videos as well. Users can also erase moving objects in the images with Auto-Awesome action and Eraser. Google+’s notification tray has also gotten a slight design tweak. There’s also a Google+ widget for home screen. Google  1 Unfortunately, Auto-Awesome movie functionality is available on devices running Android 4.3 and above.

Grand Theft Auto- iFruitGrand Theft Auto: iFruit (Free)

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto series on the whole and GTA V released couple of months ago, then this app is a must have for your device. It essentially acts as a companion for the game by bringing you the GTA news, ability to access Rockstar Games Social Club and even launch other Rockstar games. You can also create an ultimate vehicle for your game and reserve a license plate for it which can be used on GTA V and GTA Online. There’s also a pet named ‘Chop the Dog’ and if you behave with him nicely, then you can reap its benefits on the game as well. Grand Theft Auto- iFruit 1Grand Theft Auto- iFruit 2

MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTDMyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD (Free)

No matter how hard we try, its very difficult to maintain a to-do list and more importantly sticking to it. Perhaps, this is not because we are not capable of doing the tasks, but the way we are trying to manage them is wrong. MyEffectiveHabits tackles the problem by letting you prioritize your tasks on the basis of Eisenhower Matrix (credited to its creator US President of same name). This matrix categorize the tasks in four quadrants: Urgent and Important, Not Urgent and Important, Urgent and Not Important, Not Urgent and Not Important. But this is not the only feature of the app, it lets one define their missions, concerns, immediate and final goals, create action plan, and much more. MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD 1MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD 2 All in all, this is one app which can completely change the way you manage yourself and your schedule.


IngressIngress (Free)

Ingress is brought to you by a company called Niantic Labs, which was acquired by Google. Launched earlier this year to users on invite only basis, its now available to everyone publically. The game makes full use of Augmented Reality functionality and is a delight for MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) fans. Simply put, players will be playing in two opposite teams: ‘The Enlightened’ and ‘The Resistance’ and they’ll have to visit the places on the map to score more points. The game continues to evolve with more and more interesting storyline. The game is as close to reality as it can be and mind you, its very addictive!

Juice CubesJuice Cubes (Free)

So you liked playing Tetris and its modern facelift with Candy Crush Saga? Juice Cubes is just like Candy Crush Saga with Cubes in place of candies and it comes from the partners of Rovio, the company behind one of the most popular mobile game- Angry Birds. The game has more than 165 levels and as you continue, it will start getting more difficult as stated by the developers: “Easy to pick up but difficult to master!”

Thor- The Dark WorldThor: The Dark World (Free)

Almost all the movies, nowadays, are launching a mobile game to promote the movie and its characters. Thor: The Dark World game is launched just in time for its movie release and users can play the character of Thor to stop the evil and bring order & peace to the world. It offers 90 missions, with different challenges and goals in each of them. You can also get upgrades and boosts enabling you to get more powerful hammers, armor sets, etc. The game is quite big in size as its download itself is of 1.6 GB.
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