Top Android Apps and Games of the Week #43

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Dead Trigger 2

With hundreds of apps and games released or updated in the Play Store each week, it’s difficult to find the apps which deserves your attention. So, we bring to you our regular weekly feature, which aims to showcase the top apps and games of the week. This week we’ve a mixture of messaging to utility to app-



BBM (Free)

BBM’s (BlackBerry Messenger) story is no less than a movie. It was the app which gave birth to the idea of Instant Messaging in mobiles, however, its exclusivity to BlackBerry smartphones became its biggest disadvantage giving rise to a plethora of cross-platform messaging apps. Even after announcing that the app will be available on other platforms, it faced several hurdles, delaying its launch by almost a month since its original launch date. Finally, the app is available to download in your Android smartphones and offers usual features of text chatting with emoticons, group messaging, share pictures and files, etc.


But, even now, the app is not available to all directly as one has to enter a waiting list for getting the invitation.

BrownieBrownie (Free)

Internet makes a lot of task easier for anyone to perform on their smartphone. But, when either cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity is not present than we’re stuck for such tasks. Indian company Innoz, popularly known as offline Google for its SMS service 55444 has created a simple solution to this problem. Brownie is a text based browser, which can help you do and know basic things such as searching queries, converting currency, finding routes, and even visiting social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users can also add more apps in the browser.

Brownie 1Brownie 2Brownie 3

The best part about the app is that it can work in both Internet and on SMS, so in case of emergency, where internet isn’t present one can get the help via SMS.

SwitchrSwitchr (Free)

With several apps running at one time in our devices, they’ve become an equivalent to computers for multitasking. However, switching between the apps is still a plain old mechanism by pressing the multitasking button, wouldn’t it be great if we could switch between the apps just like the Alt+Tab button in our Windows computer (and even better if its like the Aero interface with 3D animation effects)? Well, Switchr fulfills that wish with beautiful app switching interface in two styles: Flow and Slide, with gestures based actions.

Switchr 1Switchr 2Switchr 3

The app is free, and it’s Pro version brings advanced customization abilities.

VineVine (Free)

Short video recording app Vine is continually improving the ways to make even just 6 seconds of clip (maximum duration of video in Vine) fun and creative. The newest update adds a feature called Sessions, allowing one to save their recording and come back to it later. At any point of time, one can maintain up to 10 sessions. Another feature called Time Travel provides the ability to remove, reorganize or even replace any shot in the video by simple click of a button.

Vine Screenshot

The app can be downloaded on devices running Android 4.0 or above.


Dead Trigger 2Dead Trigger 2 (Free)

Last week we talked about Plants vs. Zombies 2 game, and this week we’ve another Zombie game- Dead Trigger 2. Sequel to hugely successful Dead Trigger game, the gameplay essentially remains the same, i.e., the survivors have to fight it out with zombies in the post-apocalyptic world for their survival. The game has superb graphics and addictive storyline. It can also be played in multiplayer mode with ‘Global Resistance’ option giving one the ability to play with others in a story mission.

Go ahead and KEEL all the Zombies! Winking smile

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