Top Android Apps and Games of the Week #41

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Digg Reader
Stitcher Radio
Yahoo Mail
Clash of Clans
Plants vs. Zombies 2
Where’s My Water? 2

We have li’l bit of change in our weekly feature, it seems that the apps are getting all the love, but games are also an inherent part of the Play Store. So, this week we will also mention some of the games released in the last week which deserves your attention. Interestingly, while all the apps this time are major updates, games made a fresh debut on Android platform after being available on iOS for quite some time. Let’s dive in to the apps and games of the week-


AmazonAmazon (Free)/ Amazon Tablet(Free)

Close on the heels of Flipkart updating its mobile app, Amazon has updated its global app to include shopping portal. The app allows users to browse and search for products, compare their prices, read user reviews, and finally make a payment for the product via internet banking or cash on delivery. It also gives access to deals and 24 x 7 customer support, apart from the ability to share the products with friends on social media. Since it’s a global app, one can also purchase from international website, however keep in mind the shipping policies. Users can also track their orders right from the app as well as receive push notifications regarding deals.

Amazon 1Amazon 2

For tablet users, there’s a special tablet based version.

Digg ReaderDigg Reader (Free)

Digg is continually improving its Reader app to fill the gap left by now defunct Google Reader service. The latest update brings the much needed ability to view unread items only. Users can now select to view only unread articles, or even unread feeds and folders as well. To accompany its app, Digg Reader on web has also got these changes along with being in sync with read items on the mobile. Digg has launched a Chrome Extension, which makes it easier to subscribe to the feed of any website from computer.

Digg Reader 1Digg Reader 2Digg Reader 3 Logo (Free)

Microsoft has updates the Outlook app for Android devices to bring not only customizable interface, but a lot of useful functionalities as well. These features include complete offline access by unlimited sync of one’s email history, server-side search allows one to search from all emails and not just those emails which are synced in the device. There’s also an option to send emails from aliases and setting several vacation responses. 3

StitcherStitcher Radio (Free)

Stitcher Radio is one of my favorite apps for listening to audio podcasts, however there was only one pain point that the podcast(s) have to be buffered and hence can’t be listened online. That’s all changed thanks to the latest update which allows listening to whole playlist offline by click of a button. The hard to miss Available Offline buttons sits at the top and enabling it would download the whole playlist. Other changes include a navigation menu which can be bought by simple swipe to the right from left edge.

Stitcher Radio 1Stitcher Radio 2Stitcher Radio 4

Yahoo MailYahoo Mail (Free)

Outlook wasn’t the only email service getting an update this week, Yahoo has also hit a refresh button for its Mail service on web as well as for mobile. The biggest change is that each user will get a generous 1 TB of free storage. Themes allow users to personalize their emails by choosing from countless background images. There’s also Conversation view which groups to the related messages together, however if it confuses you, it can be turned off easily.

Yahoo Mail 1Yahoo Mail 2Yahoo Mail 3

The app also works nicely on tablets.


Clash of ClansClash of the Clans (Free)

People love real-time strategy games for their immersive world, captivating graphics and multiplayer option. As the name of the game suggests, their will be clash between the clans and you’ve to make sure that you emerge victorious. From turning your village to undefeatable fortress to forming alliance with others to make even a stronger clan, the game has a perfect mix of strategic planning and fast-paced combats.

The game is free with some In-app purchases to gain some benefits, however data connectivity is required to play the game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

The tagline of the game is It is Time, which totally fits it since its first version was very popular and the second version came several years later and that too first on iOS. Never mind, finally the game is available to Android users with same premise of stopping zombies with the help of plants. This version build on to the similarities of same plants and zombies as of the predecessor at the start, however as one starts playing there are various levels and worlds. There are several new types of plants to take on different zombies as well.

The game is freemium, which means you’ll have to shell out money for some in app purchases like boosts and new plants. And, this is on the biggest problems with the game as more often than not, one has to make a purchase to clear the level.

Where's My Water 2Where’s My Water? 2 (Free)

This game from Disney is the sequel to addictive physics based puzzles in Where’s My Water. There are almost 100 levels and the gameplay is essentially the same, i.e., carve a path for the water at the top so that the bathtub is filled. Users can also pick ducks on the way to gain additional points. There are some interesting changes such as playing the level upside down or play in such a manner that ducks aren’t touched. There are some time-sensitive puzzles as well.

Similar to other games, there are in app purchases to get new powers and hints.

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