Top 5 travel app for Indian destinations

Traveling is what we want to do hassle-free. We want to have relaxed journey throughout, from stepping out of home to reaching the destination and again returning back. In this fast world when people are busy and don’t have time to help you with information of your desired destination, travel apps have proved to be the best friends for travelers. Here we have tried to compile the five best travel apps for Indian destinations. Have a look. Google Maps Google-Maps Google Maps is one of the best travel and navigation solutions. More to this, it is the only free mapping and navigation solution. The app is equipped with several features such as Places, 3D Maps, navigation, Indoor Maps etc. With the help of this app you can calculate your routes, the travel time, get the directions, search for places and also plan out public transportation. The best part of Google Maps app is that it also supports offline. So, even if you don’t have Internet access in certain areas, you still don’t get lost on the go. Apart from all these, you can save your mapping data of specific area on your device and can access it later. redbus In India bus transport is more used than train and plane. It is hassle free service if you are to travel in short notice. No booking system like that of train or plain is there for busses. offers quick and easy information on bus routes, bus numbers to your destination, bus bookings etc. It covers all the metros and smaller cities in India. Ngpay NGpay Ngpay mobile app is basically for train and air plane bookings. With the help of this app you can book railway tickets, air tickets as well as movie tickers from your mobile. The app also allows online shopping. You can reach over 100 stores through it. More to all these, you can even recharge your prepaid mobile numbers with this app. The app is a must on the go. Tripit tripit Remember, to have a hassle-free journey you need to have an itinerary. Without it traveling will become tough for you. Tripit app helps you with an itinerary to your desired destination. It acts perfectly like your personal travel organizer. The app will pull data from its server and sync it with Maps and Calendar type of apps. You just need to add your travel details to the app and mail it to The rest will be done for you. They will make the required itinerary for you covering all the minute details. The best part of this app is that you can share your trip plan to others. TripAdvisor trip-advisor In all your new trips to unknown destinations you need the feedback and suggestion of others who have visited the place earlier. TripAdvisor helps you with such reviews and suggestions from users across the world. You can get expert user opinions about the places you are going to visit, about hotels of the area and many more helpful information. Presently there are fifty million opinions and reviews of travelers on the server of TripAdvisor. The app is easy to use. It is fact there are many more good travel apps available. Do share one or two which we have missed out here.

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