Top 5 RPG Games for Android 2012

We have recently published top 5 free games for android in 2012, now we are reviewing the top 5 RPG games for android devices in 2012. In this post you will get to know about the best RPG games that you can enjoy in your free time on your android device. You will get to know about the games and their features in this post. You will also get our ratings to decide better and the download link of the Android Games in RPG category from Google Play Store. Spot 5: Inotia 3: Children of Carnia – Well guys the fifth spot on our count down is taken by Inotia3 Children of Carnia. This game is one of the best Role Playing games on Google Play Store. This game is sequel of the previous Inotia Games and the story follows in this part. This is a kind of battle party system game in which you can match your party that suits your battle needs and you can also choose 6 different classes in the game. You can customize your character with different types of weapons and accessories in order to win more and score more. So this is surely a great game that you can enjoy on your device.

Inotia 3

Spot 4: Monster Galaxy – The forth spot on our count down is taken by Monster Galaxy role playing game for android. This game is unique with lots of features and battle options. Your task in this game is to capture different monsters and test their different skills in battles. There are 14 different islands are there to explore and catch monsters in the game. You will have to train them to defeat King Otho character of the game. So it’s a cool game that you can enjoy on your devices.

Monster galaxy

Spot 3: Six Guns – This game is developed by the Gameloft Gaming firm and its on 3rd number on our count down. It is free for android devices and you will explore the far wild west in this game. You will need to kill the super natural creatures like Vampires and all in this RPG game. Your character in the game is called Buck and you will need to explore the dark areas of Arizona and Oregon in the game. You can also customize your character with different cloths and all by unlocking the game features. There are 19 types of weapons and 8 horses to choose from. Its surely one of the best RPG games for Android Devices.

Six Guns

  • Our Ratings – 4.3/5
  • Download Link – Six Guns.
Spot 2: Zenonia 4 – Zenonia 4 RPG game is on the second number of our count down and it surely deserves it. It is the latest game in the Zenonia Game Series by GameVil. Inc. This game is perfect combination of Anime and RPG style gaming. You can customize your character in the game and choose the skills you want it to learn. It is also featuring the online gaming too with the other players all around the world. You will find different items in the game field to customize your character. So Zenonia 4 is a cool game to enjoy on your devices with quality graphics.

Zenonia 4

Spot 1: Kingdoms Live – The first spot on our top 5 RPG games for android count down is taken by Kingdoms Live. This game is surely one of the most amazing multiplayer RPG games available for android. If you are looking for some adventure than this is the best game for you. You will need to build your character in the game by completing different tasks and quests. You can choose from 3 different races in the game like Human, Elf or the Orc. You can also invite your friends to join your army and build it better than anyone else. Its graphics are cool and it features the text based story lining. So this is surely the best game for MMORPG game lovers on android. Go and grab it for sure guys.

Kingdoms Live

Conclusion – We think you have enjoyed this post and may have also found a RPG Game to play on your android device. You should totally check out Kingdoms Live game for sure because of its Role Playing cool environment.
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