Top 5 note-taking apps for your iOS device

Constantly on the move we find it difficult to keep track of all our meetings, conference calls, and other to-do’s without keeping some kind of notes or memo on our smartphones. Well, all smartphones these days provide basic note-taking apps, but many of us want more feature-rich and easy-to-use options. Here we list for you the top 5 note making apps that will not only let you take your notes but also let you sync them with your cloud storage, or export to different formats. Evernote Evernote Perhaps the most common option among the note making apps, Evernote has managed to remain the top charts of both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store ever since it was first released. This multi-purpose note maker will not only take down your notes but also your images. Evernote also allows you to record voice notes using your iPhone or your iPad. Registration is required before you can start using the app and you are given 40MB of free storage on Evernote’s cloud server by default. If you require extra storage you can always opt for Evernote Premium. Evernote syncs your notes with its cloud on a regular basis and frees your valuable phone memory. The biggest advantage of this app is the flexibility it offers in accessing your content across different platforms. If you wish to search for something within your notes then get ready to be surprised as it even searches for text within images. You can use the Evernote App for saving web articles and news links that you wish to view later, instead of cramping your phone cache. It is available for free from the Apple App Store for Apple devices running iOS 5.0 or higher. Textly Textly Sometimes all you need is a simple notebook for your smartphone. Textly has just what you need – a simple notepad interface much like the notepad on you computer. It has pretty good features too, like letting you sync your notes with Apple iCloud service. Textly lets you choose the font style and even the font size. Its simple, easy to use and lets you share snippets and documents via email, Facebook and Twitter. It is available on the Apple App Store for Rs. 55 Byword Byword A minimalist’s weapon of text editing, working with a markdown format, this app will export your text to a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML and Latex. It also has version for the Mac OS X platform loaded with a boatload of shortcuts. The iOS version of the app is fantastic piece of software for those who are constantly working on documents or are taking notes which are to be uploaded to a website or blog. Byword offers syncing with iCloud and Dropbox so that you can work on your documents safely across platforms. It is available at the Apple App store for Rs. 170 Threadnote for iPhone Threadnote Many of us like to simply jot down ideas instead of lenghty notes. If you are this kind then Threadnote is the app for you. Note down your ideas using the #idea, so that you can search for your idea related notes. You can also save a particuar person’s name to the contact using the @ symbol. You can search among your notes for by specific (#)topic or (@)contact. It is available for Apple devices for RS. 110 Glyphs+ Glyphs+ Some people like to use special characters and symbols while taking notes. Glyphs+ stands true to its name. It lets you import text from web and use further special characters and symbols for your note. Glyphs+ offers real-time sync with your iCloud storage account. The app also offers full Unicode support and allows sharing those on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also take a printout via AirPrint or push it to your iCloud account in real-time. It is available at the Apple App Store for Rs. 110

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