Top 5 Navigational Apps for iPhones in India

This is era of asking technology what you want. An era of depending on technology when you are in new location. An era of safe driving and safe finding. Today, in our top 5 section we bring Top 5 Navigational Apps for iPhones in India. Check the below list. Waze Social GPS Waze Usually the navigation software is managed by small group of individuals or a company, but the routes and travel directions in Waze Social GPS is community generated. It is free and offers audio alerts. The buttons of the navigation is big enough to help you with easy navigation while you are driving. The maps are downloaded on the go so you need to have an active data connection for this to use it perfectly without lagging. Wisepilot Wisepilot Wisepilot app for iPhone is free to download but you need to purchase the regional map packs. This app is interesting to save you from getting fined by traffic authorities. It alerts you whenever your vehicle approaches any speed camera. You can also search for places on this app and share with your friends through social platforms. The app updates you with events too along with street maps. MapmyIndia Navigator MapMy Partnered with TeleNav, the MapmyIndia is a India based iPhone app to provide great navigation to users. It has clean user interface and you can switch between 2D and 3D. You get features like Drive to, Search and Maps. Utility and important places are pre-installed such as hospitals and clinics. Just with a shake of your phone will make the app start its function. It is not free. You need to pay $4 for first 3 days and annual subscription would cost you $30. The app is available on Apple App Store. Navfree GPS Live India mzl Navfree GPS Live India app is free. It uses OpenStreetMap data and offers most corrected map routes and information by users. It works faster than GPS to identify your position. Bing and Google search engines are also integrated into it to find nearby places. User interface is good with smooth scrolling and multi-touch gestures. The app is available on Apple App Store. Getit Local Search Getit If you want to just check what’s around you then this Getit Local Search is one of the best for your iPhone. Without even opening the maps you can know it. You just need to start the GPS and it will become your local guide similar to Yellow pages. It has interactive maps too with navigation. You can get it from Apple App Store. There may be few better navigation apps than than what is listed here. Do share your own views with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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