Top 5 mobiles in Indian market with Unique concepts

No other industry has seen so much innovations ever. Mobile industry has reached from ground to sky in just a decade period. When all this started there were just a handful of mobile makers but today you can not just imagine the number of mobile companies playing around. In the Indian market itself there are more than 100 manufacturers playing. See the list if you don’t believe me. To survive and succeed in this throat cutting competition, various companies came out with new ideas and got fairly well returns. But some unique concepts still need to be recognized. Today we have come up with 5 such innovative concepts in Indian mobile industry which are unique and can bring a lot more revolution if gets proper exposure. 1. Olive frvrOn : Charge it with a AAA cell image Battery backup is one of the most important issue in mobile phones and you never know when you run out of the battery and your SmartOS packed high-end mobile phone may become useless. Whether you are on a travel or roaming in some rural area, you may not manage to get a power source but you can definitely manage to get a AAA battery. Our first in the list is Olive FrvrOn which does what the name promises. Basically this phone gives a 3 hrs of talktime or 4 days of standby but even if you run out of battery, you can charge it by putting a normal AAA dry cell in the mobile phone. The phone gets a short charge from the battery, enough to provide about 30 min of talktime and an hour of standby. Not much but still a helpful stuff in any kind of emergency. Guess the price, Just 1,299. 2. Wynncom Y45 : Hindi QWERTY image If you think QWERTY is only made for office going entrepreneur hunks, give it a second thought. Wynncom, which is newly entered in Indian market has come up with a QWERTY packed mobile which can type in Hindi. Wynncom Y45 is a dual sim phone which comes loaded with an application developed by which enables users to send free SMS to any mobile not only in India but also to UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Now imagine your Granny chatting with QWERTY. 3. Vodafone VF247 : Charge from Sun Solar This is what I say innovation. Solar energy is not a new concept but its seamless integration in a handheld device will definitely serve billions of energy-starved rural masses. This was tried earlier by Samsung but failed due to very low output of 5 to 10 minutes of talk time for each hour of charging. Vodafone VF247 charges full battery in 8 hours of plenty sunlight and can support more than eight days of use on standby and four hours of talk time. It also comes with an electronic charger, an FM radio and a powerful torch light. 4. Lava Alpha B2 & B5 : ABCDE not QWERTY image No doubt the QWERTY concept in mobile was pulled from computer. But have anyone ever thought about the masses who have never used computer as majority of Indian mobile users fall in this category. Lava took the initiative with the introduction of Alpha keypads. Lava B2 & B5 comes with alpha keypad and Lava B5 also has the credit to become the first phone to integrate the rupee symbol in it. 5. Micromax Gravity GC700 : Turn to switch image Micromax Gravity has a unique design where you can hold the phone upside-down to shift from GSM to CDMA instantly. Obviously this cold not be the only reason to include this device in the least. If you notice the design of mobile, it has a D-pad on both the sides with 5-way key and the phone also features accelerometer. Now I think this design if undergoes further R&D could easily be used to create a great gaming phone as it could provide an option to utilize the combination of D-pads and motion sensors to play the game. Biggies around should think about it. Kudos to manufacturers of above mentioned product for coming out with such innovative ideas. It helps in keeping up the ongoing revolutionary momentum in the mobile industry. Do you know any other phone with unique qualities, please share with us. Catch us on Facebook for more buzz. Cheers!!!

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